Private Email Made Public

It’s amazing how deep stupidity runs. I visited a Bush bashing, ranting based on ignorance, website recently. There is a post [among a great many] that shows just how ignorant this bart guy is and he tries to pass as intelligent through humor or satire. There are several ways provided to voice an opinion, i.e. email, commenting on the blog, or commenting on the forum provided at the website.

I chose the private form of commenting as I had some choice words for this guy and it wasn’t necessary to “broadcast” my opinion of this idiot on his blog or forum since it would have served no purpose and it would have come across exactly as he does, purely bashing and nothing more.

The result was that I hit bone so severely that it caused him to take my private email to him, and post it on his website along with my name AND my alias, not that either of them are secret but its his ignorant actions that shows his true colors.

To make matters worse for himself, a recent post shows ignorance in its purest form on his blog as follows:

The “Democrat” Party

For the past several months, conservatives have been referring to the Democratic Party as the Democrat party. The term has “slipped” in to the president’s speeches, and may be on its way to becoming “natural” for some to use. There has been nary a peep from Democrats in regards to this. What should we do, before the name of our party has been taken away from us? Do we do as the leaders of our party have done and do nothing? This seems to be their answer to every slander, because it is not nice to call names. Do we become whiners, and say, “that’s not nice! It is Democratic Party”?

Whatever we do needs to be agreed upon and used. I am for using another name for the Republic Party. I have seen several mentioned over time, some may be considered in bad taste. I do not think we need to go over the line.

I propose we refer to the other party as the Repo Party.
Given the real estate foreclosure issues going on now, it is fitting.

The above is so typical of Democrats and a result of our failing education system. Anyone with an education would know that both Democrat Party and Democratic Party are correct.

As an adjective – democratic |ˌdeməˈkratik| adjective
1 of, relating to, or supporting democracy or its principles : democratic reforms | democratic government.

As a noun – democrat |ˈdeməˌkrat| noun
1 an advocate or supporter of democracy. ORIGIN late 18th cent.(originally denoting an opponent of the aristocrats in the French Revolution of 1790).

I’m sorry to inform the lessor educated Democrats that there is only one form of “Republican” and that is as an adejctive. (referring to the political party)

republican |riˈpəblikən| adjective
(of a form of government, constitution, etc.) belonging to, or characteristic of a republic.
• advocating or supporting republican government : the republican movement.

The mildly educated would know that the Democratic Republican Party was the name of the Democrats original party when it was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson.

More not so shockingly, is that this Bart guy offers no solutions to anything he bitches about. Whereas his total worth is to find something wrong with the President, the Republicans, the educated, the way the military operates, the way the government operates, talk show hosts, etc. The list is endless to what this guy will bitch about, all in an attempt to make himself look better by berating and bashing. I think it’s obvious why he doesn’t qualify to run for President of the United States. He also finds solace in playing semantics as a defense rather than offering up anything of value or worth when he is confronted. In my email to him I purely guessed when I said he should stick to being president of his local bar, to my surprise, he retorted with the fact he owned two bars (I supposed at some time in the past). That just about sums him up as going into detail would be extremely lengthy and I have already dedicated far too much air time to his … cause? It’s just typical rhetoric from people trying to make a reputation for themselves based on their “bashing ability.” Now that I have lowered myself to his level, there will be no more posts of this type on this blog.


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