Enough is Enough

A representative for the Al Sharpton brigade showed up in Ft Pierce, Fla. to again show what true idiots they are rallying the public to take action against a police officer arresting a 15 year old black girl. The girl was resisting arrest with violent actions including biting the officer while trying to evade and resist him. She continuously shouts and struggles ignoring his instructions and commands.

The Sharpton “gang” contends that the Officer used excessive force in his attempts to arrest the girl. As usual the Sharpton Gang typically ignores the fact that any force the officer displayed was equal to the amount of struggling and resisting arrest by the girl. They also ignore the fact that the officer wouldn’t be using any force at all if the perpetrator complied with the officers instructions to begin with.

The Sharpton Gang also fails to recognize that the police don’t arbitrarily arrest innocent by-standers and if the officer had used the proper amount of force required to subdue a perpetrator who is resisting arrest, he would have taken her down [to the ground] forcibly and applying a subduing restraint hold on the head or neck or into the spine.

There is no doubt that the Sharpton Gang is trying to produce another Rodney King incident, and to what end? The Sharpton Gang would be of more value to the public if they spent more of their energy on helping youths become good citizens and providing programs and activities that promote their healthy social growth rather than grand standing as a result of their criminal and mischievous activities that get youths into an arrest situation.

This is a typical case of the Sharpton Gang crying wolf, and to make matters worse, “after” the fact as well.

I refuse to call Al Sharpton “Reverend” as he has never displayed anything about himself that is reverent.

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