The Media Got It Wrong…

But we will still use it the wrong way anyway because, well, it’s been 50 years.

This is the 50th anniversary (July 2019) of the Apollo Moon landing when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Lightyear* and Michael Collins travelled to the Moon and made history in July of 1969.

Never before, since the dawn of man, has anything so monumental occurred. Human beings have left the confines of Earth flown through space, and walked on another celestial body.

So, what did the media get wrong? When Neil Armstrong stepped off the LEM footpad and onto the surface of the moon, he utter the most famous phrase of all time: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The problem is that Neil insists that he said “…for a man,…” and not what the media recorded as him saying. Now, there are loads of this famous recordings all over the internet that you can listen to yourself, and as far as I can tell, Neil said one small step for man. But there is still a problem with the whole phrase and I believe Neil had fully thought out what he was going to say when he first places his foot on the surface of the Moon well before even getting out of the LEM.

Neil is a decorated pilot, an astronaut, and an incredibly smart man, thorough, calculating, precise and daring. He’s never turned down a challenge, and yet he is still human. He simply got excited (I mean hell, who wouldn’t) about walking on the Moon and being the first human to ever do so, and even miss-spoke the words he had planned to say during that monumental event.

Neil likely deliberated on the exact phrase for some time to make sure he “got it right” because this would be the moment that he would live with for the rest of his life and would be recorded in history forever. It makes perfect sense and grammatically correct to say “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” whereas the now recorded in the history books phrase is without the “a” and grammatically incorrect. Neil was excited, he rehearsed it and still was so excited he left the a out when it was time for recording the moment for the world…Live.

So in the beginning of this article I stated “since the dawn of man” which refers to all man kind. The beginning, the sudden existence of human beings we call man, or mankind. Using the two words interchangeably is correct because they mean the same thing, in context. When referring to man, we refer to all of mankind, men, women, children all human beings as a whole. SO when Neil was putting his phrase together, he was quite correct to say a small step for a man (alone) because it was only from the LEM’s footpad to a place a few inches over to the surface of the Moon, a very relatively small step for a man to make. But when you hurry through speaking the phrase and you accidentally leave the a out, well then now it doesn’t make any sense. Man and Mankind mean the same thing, so how can it be a small step for man [mankind] and one giant leap for mankind [man] at the same time? It just doesn’t make the perfect sense like I am sure Neil intended to the phrase to be.

In conclusion, we may be hearing it wrong, or Neil just made a hurried and excited mistake, but either way the media recorded it the way they heard it and we are now using a phrase that is grammatically incorrect and quite possibly not what was actually said.

What do you think? Tell me in your comments below.

*Buzz Lightyear is actually Buzz Aldrin

Head Count

Boarding passes are scanned at the gate before you board a plane. But this doesn’t guarantee that the passenger actually gets on the plane, so flight attendants use a clicker to count passengers as they board the plane to match with the passenger manifest. Why? It’s so easy to accidentally click twice for a passenger or miss a click and then you have a mismatch and possibly a delay since planes cannot take off without the proper headcount.


So why not eliminate mistakes and speed up the process by using a scanner on-board the plane that passengers can merely drag their boarding pass over and they are then accounted for? Thus eliminating the need for a clicker. The scanner can be linked to the passenger manifest and a computer automatically ticks them off as being on board and the manifest is instantly updated and accurate.

Maybe it’s just me but I like to err on the side of accuracy. What do you think?

Changing Times

Today, April 2, 2019 and Google+ is officially sunset. Though there is nothing like or even comparable to Google+, one of my groups (Linux) has moved to MeWe you will join me there.

As for the rest of my social network, I have yet to find a home. I will not use Facebook and in fact have been onboard with the #deletefacebook campaign. I don’t use twitter much and I don’t use reddit or pinterest. So for now the below links make up some of my presence on the internet.


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What a great way to accept secure payments for anything. PayPal has been around a long time and its main feature is secure payments both sending and receiving so that you don’t have to use a credit card over the internet. has been around a while also but allows you a free way to accept payments from anyone for anything. You provide the link to anyone and they can visit your page and make a payment securely and without risking leaking credit card details (if they also have some sort of paypal account).

Enough can not be said about how convenient and easy it is to use and just so you can see an example I am providing my link:

Take a look around, make a dollar donation, see how you like it and let me know in the comments, what you discovered or liked or disliked about it.

About time

Literally and virtually. I am now in the Atherton Tablelands, most beautiful part of Queensland. Also our chat site has moved as is now defunct. We are now at so come on over and let’s get the party started.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego

It seems I haven’t posted anything here in quite a while, months even. I have been busy working on many projects and I really like the Google+ project which is where I have been spending most of my time.

You can come say hi to me or visit and peruse my content with this link Rocket G+

Hope to see you soon.

Are you included? Don’t get left behind with your browser.

Keep your browser up to date. Are you using a browser that brings you the best experience? HTML5 has hit the internet and is changing the way websites are experienced, the only difference being that you may not be seeing the difference. Only browsers that support the new HTML5 code will see its content properly if at all. Here is how the browsers stack up:

HTML5 specifies a standard way to include video, with the video element.

Video Formats

Currently, there are 3 supported video formats for the video element:

Format IE Firefox Opera Chrome Safari
Ogg No 3.5+ 10.5+ 5.0+ No
MPEG 4 9.0+ No No 5.0+ 3.0+
WebM No 4.0+ 10.6+ 6.0+ No
  • Ogg = Ogg files with Theora video codec and Vorbis audio codec
  • MPEG4 = MPEG 4 files with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec
  • WebM = WebM files with VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec

The audio element can play sound files, or an audio stream.

Audio Formats

Currently, there are 3 main formats for the audio element:

Format IE 9 Firefox 3.5 Opera 10.5 Chrome 3.0 Safari 3.0
Ogg Vorbis No Yes Yes Yes No
MP3 Yes No No Yes Yes
Wav No Yes Yes Yes Yes

As you can see there is only one company doing their homework and doing it to benefit you, and that is Google who produces the Chrome Browser.  

The most important thing to remember is to get updates for your browser as soon as you can. Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and Google are all making changes and updating their browsers to keep up with the new HTML5 code changes, however Google is the only company who sends you the updates automatically and is the only company making you and your browsing experience the priority. The latest version of the Chrome browser as of this posting is 12.0.742.112, however you can always click on the wrench and select About Google Chrome to see your current version.