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Acai Berry Scam

This scam is world wide. It has now made it to Australia and the advertising market is LIT UP with responses to scam ads.

The scam artists prey on your inability to “see” what you are looking at or understand what you are looking at or reading.

Case in point: I ran across an ad in paltalk that looked like the one below and to the fake acai news aduntrained eye would look like a breaking news report that exposes some dark secret about acai berry that doesn’t do what it’s claimed to do. So you click on the ad and your browser opens to a web page for the Daily Health Alerts news page which looks very official including what looks like a news reporter in a professional looking snapshot with a caption. The web page is even designed to show today’s date, plug in some user comments with todays date and a day or two earlier, and plug in an expiration date of today plus 1 day to establish a sense of urgency.

It is safe to open the page from the link I provided above and you can look through it as I explain its parts here. First thing that alerts you to a scam is the professional looking photo of a woman with a caption that causes you to think she is a real reporter or journalist for a news company, until you click on her photo which takes you to a web advertisement page for the acai berry.

acai news1

There is no official company called the Australian Health Inquirer even though a logo is posted top left. You will also notice that the Fox News Special Report at the right sidebar has no video or image or working link, because there isn’t really one.

Second point, the headlines suggests that something has been uncovered and after reading the article you discover that nothing diabolical was uncovered after all and that the opposite is true. The article causes you to believe that the reporter was duped by doing her own test of the product and proved to herself that the product actually works, like a miracle.

Then we come to point #3 at the bottom where the user comments would normally be. We find that there are 10 out of 177 comments showing, BUT WAIT! there are only 9 comments showing, not 10 andacai news2 the last comment has todays date on it. WOW, I JUST missed being able to post a comment, but the comments are “closed due to spam activity” and you are left with nothing to do but read the 9 (not 10) comments that appear to be real from today and the previous day.

These comments talk about “going to”, “about to” “planning to” try the product, and some even say they did try it at exorbitant fees to help you, the reader, feel like you are special by getting the chance to take a free trial offer which by the way, EXPIRES tomorrow! This type of urgency is seared into your mind to make a better selling ad.

acai news 3

Now the truth:

Amazingly enough if you visit the root web address of you find that it is NOT a website with daily health alerts at all. In fact it is a base for the different fake ad web pages to be hosted. There are many other websites on the web just like this mentioning a single mother of two who lost an amazing 42lbs in 3 weeks, or some professional single mother with no time to exercise who lost 37 lbs. in 4 weeks, etc., infinitum.

It’s a real shame that Oprah had an entire show on the effects of acai berry and literally HELPED the scammers sell more product that does nothing more than simple red wine and exercise.  Sadly, Oprah is responsible for helping a LOT of scammers. Don’t become a victim. Changes

Rocket Forum:
It looks like the Rocket Forum works optimally as a full page display rather than embedded into the website.

Although it wont flow with the website as I would like, I am going to post the direct link to the forum instead to give you the best user experience with it as possible.

I hope you decide to return to after you have enjoyed using the forum.

Club Rocket:
After some time using various chat services embedded into the website (tinychat, xat, meebo, etc) and discovering their uniquely different problems, I have found two chat clients which are stable.

The current chat client ( is incredibly unstable with its current chat status updating routine leaving the chatter wondering who is actually in the room and when, if any. Many times the chat text is held in the buffer from other chatters and is then delivered in flood fashion to some chatters screens. This is unacceptable.

The two choices I am currently offering is and PalTalk Express. allyourschat is a service that is also offered on the Community Toolbar as well as a link on the Chat page to get to it easily. Club Rocket can be reached two ways, either through the embedded palTalk Express on the Chat page, or from within Paltalk itself using the PalTalk scene (messenger).

He Said – We Heard

Two thirds of America is against the Health Care Reform act signed into law by President B.O. The President, who claims victory for being the architect of and responsible for passing into law, this health care reform, has been challenged by the GOP to repeal the law which is unconstitutional on the grounds that it forces Americans to purchase a product or service against their will, and carries a fine for violation of the law, and garnishment of your wages or a jail sentence if you do not pay the fine. In other words, if you have a job, you will pay the fine or have your wages garnished to collect the fine, but if you are one of the 12 million people unemployed because of empty promises by B.O., who cant pay the fine for not having health insurance because you are unemployed, you will go to jail.

Democrat – President John F. Kennedy said "ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country". (see full speech here)

President B.O.  states in response to this challenge, “My attitude is, go for it. You try to repeal it” and what we heard was [I dare you]. The absolute smug audacity to say "Go for it", just try it, smacks of the conviction of a dictator who is convinced that he himself has done something that better not be challenged or swift retribution will fall upon those who challenge it.

This does not sound like true leadership that was extremely evident in President Kennedy, or of a president who upholds the Constitution and reveres the Declaration of Independence as the bible of our country. Nor does it sound like a President who understands and holds sacred that as a republic, We the People, are governed by the people through representation. The voice of the people rule this land. Yet this President and the democrat majority in congress feel it is their job to do what they feel is necessary, and ignoring the majority of its citizens, by forcing a bill into law without public approval and consent.

The White House suggests it has the upper hand on the issue politically, arguing the GOP risks a voter backlash because a repeal would take away many benefits. Among them are tax credits for small businesses to provide health care to their workers and $250 rebates for seniors to help pay for their prescription medications.

What the law also requires is that an extra tax be imposed on the sale of all medical devices such as wheel chairs, defibrillators, respirators, oxygen tanks, prosthetics, heart monitors and just about anything you may need for medical reasons. These taxes will be imposed on the manufacturers of these devises and of course will be passed along to you, the consumer, to compensate for the extra cost. [ see news clip at ] So much for a $250 rebate for seniors which pales compared to the extra costs of medical devices.


And now for what should have been an April Fool’s joke. GUAM Might Tip over or capsize! The following Video is real, aired on CSPAN and I am sure confounds anyone seeing it. Rep Hank Johnson – 4th Congressional District in Georgia (Democrat) interviewing Admiral of Pacific Forces on the feasibility of costs to send 8000 troops and their families to be stationed in Guam.


You may remember him from this video:

Now, I was under the impression that congressmen were drug tested and are not escapees from mental wards, but I have been wrong before.

Health Care Reform – B.O. Politics

As usual, B.O. Politics stinks. Obama hangs himself yet again with the not so sharp double speak he learned so well in order to become a politician. Obama characterizes America’s anger and opposition to reforming health care as a conspiracy theory, a plan to deliberately scare away support for reforming health care.

Yes, some aspects of our current health care system need fixing and tweaking, but Obama feels that the way to fix it is to completely overhaul it and reform it as if health care were a stunning disgrace to society. More double speak from B.O.

CNN reports “Obama and Democratic leaders have accused opponents of health care changes of organizing protests intended to drown out the debate…” What a bunch of crap. Last I checked, if the public wanted something done, changed or stopped in America, you made your voice heard because every voice counts. The now famous Town Halling going on around America seems to be a fantastic way for our congressmen to get it right between the eyes about how the public feels about something. Now that they are getting it right between the eyes, the Democrats and B.O. can’t face it, so they are characterizing it as a conspiracy. I got news for our President, if you ignore the voice of the public, and dismiss our voice as a conspiracy, the next event following is naturally a revolt against the Dictator in office who refuses to “hear the people.”

“What is truly scary, what is truly risky, is to do nothing,” Obama said, noting that premiums paid for health care coverage were rising three times faster than wages and that the government-run Medicare program for senior citizens would run out of money within a decade.

Oh really? You mean like how Democrats in congress swore that businesses were “too big to fail” and that Wall Street and Banks and Auto makers had to be bailed out of their grossly mismanaged and failing businesses? THis turned out to be false, those banks and companies should have been allowed to fail so that the “natural course of economics” could prevail which was for other successful banks and businesses to buy them out. By the way, even after some of the companies got their bailout money, and still failed to recover, they were bought out or merged with successful businesses.

CNN reports “Obama defended his call for a government-funded public health insurance plan” and supporting this action as a need for government competition to our current health providers with statements like

“UPS and FedEx are doing just fine,” Obama said, referring to private courier services that compete with the U.S. Postal Service. “It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

Wow, lets just think about this for a minute. Tons of double speak here and of course hanging himself with statements like this. Social Security is a government plan that is going bankrupt, Medicare is a government plan that is going bankrupt, the U.S. Post Office is a government plan that is going bankrupt. Yet in his own words B.O. concedes that UPS, Fed-Ex are doing better. I got news for B.O., our health providers are doing better than medicare and medicaid, IRA’s and Personal retirement companies are doing better than Social Security. Now you are going to tell us that a government Health Care plan is what we need and it has to be done before congress goes on break?

Typical tactic to get something corrupt into the system before anyone can do a double take.

Senator Arlen Specter speaks about the anger and frustration of the public at his town-hall gatherings and dismisses it saying “the rhetoric was ‘within acceptable limits,’ ” Specter told reporters that economic and political anxieties have created a “level of anger in the country” that has not been seen since the Great Depression.

I have more news for the Democrats, we aren’t angry at the economy and it isn’t political anxiety, we are angry at congressmen and women trying to control our economy, our lives, our liberty, our outspoken voices our private businesses, the banking industry, the housing industry, the auto industry, etc.

You tried to bail out Chrysler and General Motors and what did it get you? They are still failing, but wait, Ford refused bailout money, and is doing just fine. Why? Because they aren’t running their company into the ground with greed and corruption.

How many banks and financial firms received bail out money, paid bonuses to their executives anyway, haven’t paid back our tax dollars, still failed and were subsequently bought out by another company? One was too many, let alone four or five.

B.O., the public is angry, we are complaining about you and the Democrats forcing socialism on us, forcing bigger government on us to control our lives. The public is telling you and congress to STOP THE INSANITY!

Judges have Bonified Brainfart – order thousands of Calif. inmates released

Special panel says there is no other way to improve poor prison conditions.

updated 9:32 p.m. ET, Mon., Feb. 9, 2009

AP – SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A special panel of federal judges tentatively ruled Monday that California must release tens of thousands of inmates to relieve overcrowding.

The judges said no other solution will improve conditions so poor that inmates die regularly of suicides or lack of proper care.

“There are simply too many prisoners for the existing capacity,” they wrote. “Evidence offered at trial was overwhelmingly to the effect that overcrowding is the primary cause of the unconstitutional conditions that have been found to exist in the California prisons.”

via Judges order Calif. inmates released – Life-

I know California has a serious budget problem. OK,, lots of states do. California’s prisons are overcrowded, but then I am sure if they deported the illegal immigrant inmates, that would help a bit.

What really gets me is this solution. I don’t think I have ever heard anything as absurd as our prisons are overcrowded and we have a budget problem, so lets release thousands of criminals into the public streets.

Does anyone else see a problem with this brain storm? I laughed at the wording as well, that the overcrowding is the primary cause of unconstitutional conditions. Give me a flippin break. They are crooks, incarcerated and have no rights. They gave up their rights when they decided they didn’t want to be law abiding citizens.

I also saw a perfect solution in their statement “conditions so poor that inmates die regularly of suicides or lack of proper care.” And the downside to this is what? Let em die, let em kill each other, let em kill themselves. I see a huge cost savings and a big “good riddance” of the criminal element in our society.

Not to mention, what a great idea for deterrence. Maybe someone thinking of committing a crime will first think “wait, there is no room in prison, lack of health care, I might die in prison, I better not sell these drugs, or rape this person, or rob this bank, etc.”

I’d like to know what you think about this. Make a comment, take the poll.

Rep. Gary Ackerman D-NY Blasts the SEC into speechlessness (mostly by interupting answers)

Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y., was the first to raise the issue of corporate jets at the earlier Big 3 Auto hearing. He is very boisterous and animated at the Madoff Fraud Allegations [Ponzi Scheme] and Financial Markets Regulation hearing, yet he nailed the SEC to the wall. Mr Ackerman didn’t do this by himself, in fact he was just echoing Harry Markopolos, an independent financial fraud investigator and analyst.

I give Harry Markopolos a gold ribbon for working so hard on the behalf of Americans and I give Rep. Gary Ackerman a blue ribbon for appearing to be on the side of good in a great show at the hearing and publicly pinning the tail on the donkey. Our congressmen and congresswomen should be working for and representing the public interest in congress, being the voice of the public, not echoing the hard work of others such as Harry Markopolos.

Background of the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission):

The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.

This is based on the Securities Act of 1933 often referred to as the “truth in securities” law, the Securities Act of 1933 has two basic objectives:

  • require that investors receive financial and other significant information concerning securities being offered for public sale; and
  • prohibit deceit, misrepresentations, and other fraud in the sale of securities.

In the economy of today, with billions of dollars being handed out to Wall Street companies, banking and investment firms, mortgage companies, and big industry, we can not afford or tolerate our one government agency (SEC) assigned to protect our economy from fraud, to be paid for nothing.

In the videos below you will hear Merrill Lynch named and you will hear specifically how the SEC has failed to do what the tax payers are paying them to do.

YouTube – Markopolos: I gift wrapped and delivered the largest Ponzi scheme in history to the SEC.

Next is Rep. Gary Ackerman at the helm:

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Fixing America

You may have heard our new fearless leader proclaim that change is what we need and that change must start with fixing America.

Two things come to mind almost immediately with one being that change brings two schools of thought , change for the better, and change for the worse. Change is a great flash word and it was used heavily in President Obama’s campaign, however it is merely a flash word while overstating the obvious that occurs in our lives and our country all the time. Evolution is change. Growth is change. Getting married is change. We have plenty of change already, both good and bad.

The next flashy statement was that America needs to be fixed. Really? I didn’t know America was broken. Congress is broken, yes. The SEC is broken, yes. Government and corporate policies are broken, yes. Our goverment is trying to break its citizens, yes, but America is not broken.

Americans were outraged when the big 3 auto makers flew to Washington D.C. on their expensive corporate jets to extort our government with “give us some bail out money or we will fire 3,000,000 employees” and now we have the President of the United States flying from Andrews AFB to Williamsburgh (155 miles – 12 minute flight) to listen to and speak to the Democtratic Conference.

This is not a cheap flight. When Air Force 1(747) flies, so does the backup 747. The cost of both jets flying 155 miles and then the return trip is huge. The President touts his tech saviness all the time. There is no reason why he couldn’t have video conferenced.

Published: February 6, 2009

WILLIAMSBURG — President Barack Obama made a quick trip to Virginia last night…

…Aboard the plane, the president wore a new blue jacket stitched with the words Air Force One in cursive and the presidential seal on his right side and “Barack Obama” on the left side.

“I’ve got my spiffy jacket so I thought I’d come and show it off,” he joked with reporters.

“What do you think about this spiffy ride? It’s not bad.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting the severe impression that our new President thinks this is fun and games at the tax payers expense.

Stay tuned for:

“Immoral Mothers against Immoral Athletes”

“An Oil Barrel of Monkeys”

“Stimulus Package Stimulates Debt and Abuse”

“Illegal Immigrants Employed, Americans Unemployed”

“$75 Billion to Keep you on Welfare”

“D- Gary Ackerman Blasts the SEC into speechlessness”

Big 3 Auto Makers Charged With Extortion

If anyone else had gone to Washington and gave Congress an ultimatum that if they didn’t give $25 billion to bail their company out of hot water or one to three million people would lose their jobs and throw America into economic ruin, they would be going to prison on charges or extortion. But this is the Big 3, so people will be looking the other way.

You wont be seeing those headlines because General Motors (GM), Ford, and Daimler feel they are above the law and the main stream media doesn’t recognize extortion since they don’t even recognize that they committed treason many times over while reporting on military matters based on the fact that it was news and it’s freedom of the press (which is a different story for another time).

President Bush felt it was necessary to “help out” the economy even though it isn’t his responsibility to bail out businesses who fail at being a profitable business, by offering a $700 billion safety net. The House of Representatives were smart enough to vote it down. However, the Senate wasn’t so bright, and they passed the measure.

At that time, I stated it was a huge mistake and it would set a trend that this country doesn’t need to start. Company after company have gotten in line for tax payers money to save their failed mortgage companies, banks, and so on. Remember Bear and Stearns, one of the largest global investment banks and securities trading and brokerage firms, got a huge handout of tax payers dollars. Blew that wad, and then sold out to JPMorgan Chase.

Having contributed a combined $1,842,297 to federal candidates, according to data gathered by the Center for Responsive Politics, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stepped up to the line asking for handouts. AIG is on the rescue list. This trend should never have started but at least these failing companies only “asked” for help. The big 3 went over the line and is attempting to extort the government and the American citizens.

I’m afraid I have to say two things, let them fail and arrest the big 3. But wont that kill the economy? Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm answers questions during a news conference in Troy, Mich., Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008. Granholm said that “the crisis in the auto industry is urgent”, arguing that “the national economy rests on this”. However this can not be farther from the truth. The Japanese’s own Big 3- Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and other prominent foreign car manufacturers are ready and waiting to fill the production capacity and demand vacuum left by the Big 3’s failure to continue dominating the North American market.

Another cause for this failing business, unions. Union workers get on average double to triple the wages of a non-union worker. If union workers are laid off, the big 3 are required by contract to pay 95% of their base pay during the time they are laid off. These among other costs not mentioned have to be absorbed by the companies which ultimately go into the sale of the vehicle.

So what do we have here: Car companies who charge us 3 times what they should be for the sale of a vehicle, Car companies who would rather (according to their bean counters) pay out on lawsuits for wrongful death caused by their malfunctioning vehicles rather than fix the defects because its “more cost effective” to pay the lawsuits than recall vehicles, Car companies who have fought for years not to produce more and more fuel efficient vehicles because there isn’t a big enough profit in the effort, (and the list goes on) and now they want our tax dollars to bail them out of their failing business?!?!

LET THEM FAIL! The answer here is simply that they need to file bankruptcy like every other failing business which isn’t an honorable thing to do when you fail, but it is the right thing to do in this situation. Suck it up and file.

My Fellow Americans, Call your Senators and tell them to STOP the trend. Its going to have a lasting ill-effect for the next 30+ years and our children will be paying the price.

Dragons and Angels

Dark Materials TrilogyA recent search engine phrase brought a reader here. The search phrase was from the Ursula Le Guin pro-fantasy manifesto: “Why Are Americans So Afraid of Dragons?”

Of course I had to look this up as well and found an article that was more appealing titled “Why Are Americans So Afraid of The Golden Compass?” which had more interest for me. (read article here)

The Golden CompassThe Golden Compass is movie adapted from a trilogy of novels by author Philip Pullman called “The Dark Materials.” Philip Pullman is a self-proclaimed atheist, [big deal] and his trilogy published by Random House is categorized as “juvenile fiction.” So why are so many people getting their proverbial panties in a bunch over this movie and the books?

This is the intent of Philip Pullman to further his money making machine. What’s wrong with making money? Nothing. Mr Pullman has sold over 15 million copies of his trilogy “The Golden Compass”, “The Subtle Knife”, and “The Amber Spyglass” world wide. Since it is common for books to become movies, the first book was released as a watered down version movie on Dec 7th, 2007. So far nothing is wrong with this activity.

Mr Pullman claims to be an atheist but his writings and interviews touting his atheism is severely contradicted by the fact that you can’t attack or kill something you believe doesn’t exist. Pullman represents God as a decrepit and perverse angel in his novels, who captures the dead in a “prison camp” afterlife. one character, a fallen angel, tells another character in the book “The Authority, God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty – those were all names he gave himself. He was never the creator. He was an angel like ourselves – the first angel, true, the most powerful…”

The Subtle KnifePullman’s writings contradict himself as we all know the first angel, the most powerful, was cast out of heaven and was known by many names, the most common ones being Satan and Lucifer. In later interviews with Pullman he states that two characters in his last book [The Amber Spyglass] kill God. The contradictions are endless as the two characters in the last book kill the fallen angel, the most powerful angel, which was in actuality, not God.

Books of the trilogy have sold more than 15 million copies around the world, with Northern Lights [released in the US as “The Golden Compass”] winning the Carnegie Medal for Children’s Literature in 1995 and in 2007 being awarded the ‘Carnegie of Carnegies’ for the best children’s book of the past 70 years. The Amber Spyglass, the final book of the series, won The Whitbread Prize in 2001, making it the first children’s book to do so.

In conclusion, what do we have?  We have a guy who writes books, who claims to be one thing, then contradicts himself in writing and interviews, trying to make as much money as he can using the resources at hand such as capitalism, commercialism, controversy and press, and trying not to be a “has been” overshadowed by the works of J.K.Rowling in the mean time. All summed up, big deal.

The Amber SpyglassEditorial comment:  As the author of this blog, it is my firm belief that parents have always been and always will be responsible for how their children are raised and their development into adulthood. Pullman is not breaking the law, and he isn’t forcing anyone to buy his writings. Many Christian and non-Christian groups are advocating not patronizing Pullman with a boycott of his materials which only blinds us to the nature and content of his material which reduces our understanding and knowledge of what is good or bad about the content.  How can an individual say something is good or bad unless they have taken the time to read or view it for them self and make an informed decision on their own about the information?

My belief is if you decide to read or view the material or allow your children to do so, then it is our obligation as good parents to be fully involved in the comprehension and understanding of the material and to use the material as a teaching tool for whatever your values and morals prescribe. If some people decide to blind them self and/or their children from the content, then that is perfectly fine as we all should be doing as we believe. One of the great things about America is having that right to choose as we wish.

China – Toy Ban

Do not purchase toys “Made in China” is fast becoming the talk in an overwhelming number of social circles across the US and other countries.

China has successfully grown a reputation for itself as the most dangerous toy manufacturer in the world. With repeated and continuous violations of manufacturing toys that are a choking, laceration, lead poison hazards and now toxic “date rape” chemicals applied to their toys, it is no wonder China is becoming known as the “Killer Toy Maker.”

With a list of approximately 800 recalled toys, the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) keeps us informed as to the hazards of toys made around the world. Not surprisingly, over 95% of the listed products are made in China.

Here are a few examples:

  • Spin Master Recalls Aqua Dots…Aqua Dots
    Spin Master Recalls Aqua Dots – Children Became Unconscious After Swallowing Beads
    Hazard: The coating on the beads contains a chemical that can turn toxic when many are ingested. Children who swallow the beads can become comatose, develop respiratory depression, or have seizures.
    Coated with the industrial chemical 1,4-butanediol, the chemical metabolizes into the “date-rape” drug gamma hydroxy butyrate, and may cause breathing problems, loss of consciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death.
    Supposed to have been coated with nontoxic 1,5-pentanediol, a chemical commonly used in computer printer ink. But that chemical generally sells for three or four times the price of the toxic compound found on the tainted toys, 1,4-butanediol.Curious George

  • Curious George Plush Dolls …
    Curious George Plush Dolls Recalled By Marvel Toys Due to Risk of Lead Exposure
    Hazard: Surface paint on the toy’s plastic face and construction hat contain excessive levels of lead, which violates the federal lead paint standard.

  • Swimways Corp. Recalls “Skippy” pool toys…Skippy
    Hazard: The elastic tongue of the fish can break and forcefully come out and cut the users’ hands during launching of the toy.

  • Magnetix Magnetic Building Set…Magnetix
    Magnetix Magnetic Building Set Recall Expanded
    Serious Injuries Continue to be Reported to CPSC
    Hazard: If a child swallows more than one tiny powerful magnet detached from the plastic building pieces or one such magnet and a metallic object, the objects can attract to each other inside the intestines and cause perforations and/or blockage, which can be fatal, if not treated immediately.

  • Pokémon USAPokemon Recall of Pokém…
    Recall of Pokémon Plush Toys
    Hazard: The stuffing of the toy may contain tips of sewing needles
  • Sony Computer Entertainment…
    Recall of Certain AC Adaptors Sold with Slim Version PlayStation® 2 Systems
    The recalled AC adaptors can overheat and melt. This poses the risk of fire, burn and shock injuries to consumers.
  • New Easy-Bake Oven Recall F…Easybake Oven
    New Easy-Bake Oven Recall Following Partial Finger Amputation
    Young children can insert their hands into the oven’s front opening, and get their hands or fingers caught, posing entrapment and burn hazards.
  • Bendable Dinosaur Toys Recalled…Bendable Dinosaurs
    Bendable Dinosaur Toys Recalled by Kipp Brothers for Excessive Lead
    Hazard: The recalled toys pose a risk of lead exposure to young children.

If you were a country that wanted to subdue, takeover, or destroy another country, wouldn’t it be a great plan to kill off their children first and then kill as many of the adult population as you could in a conventional war? This would prevent the country from reproducing or seriously limit their chances of procreation leaving them incapable of rebuilding their forces for, at best, many generations.

I think it’s time to stop patronizing a country that builds “killer toys” and boycotting their distributors. What do you think?

Enough is Enough

A representative for the Al Sharpton brigade showed up in Ft Pierce, Fla. to again show what true idiots they are rallying the public to take action against a police officer arresting a 15 year old black girl. The girl was resisting arrest with violent actions including biting the officer while trying to evade and resist him. She continuously shouts and struggles ignoring his instructions and commands.

The Sharpton “gang” contends that the Officer used excessive force in his attempts to arrest the girl. As usual the Sharpton Gang typically ignores the fact that any force the officer displayed was equal to the amount of struggling and resisting arrest by the girl. They also ignore the fact that the officer wouldn’t be using any force at all if the perpetrator complied with the officers instructions to begin with.

The Sharpton Gang also fails to recognize that the police don’t arbitrarily arrest innocent by-standers and if the officer had used the proper amount of force required to subdue a perpetrator who is resisting arrest, he would have taken her down [to the ground] forcibly and applying a subduing restraint hold on the head or neck or into the spine.

There is no doubt that the Sharpton Gang is trying to produce another Rodney King incident, and to what end? The Sharpton Gang would be of more value to the public if they spent more of their energy on helping youths become good citizens and providing programs and activities that promote their healthy social growth rather than grand standing as a result of their criminal and mischievous activities that get youths into an arrest situation.

This is a typical case of the Sharpton Gang crying wolf, and to make matters worse, “after” the fact as well.

I refuse to call Al Sharpton “Reverend” as he has never displayed anything about himself that is reverent.

Donna Jean Summers, Rewarded Criminal at Large.

It’s hard to believe that grown adults could not recognize a seriously wrong situation, let alone adults that were trusted enough to be hired as an assistant manager of a restaurant. Good judgment out the window. Morals, out the window. Intelligence, zero.

April 9th, 2004 – Mt Washington, Kentucky

Asst. Manager Donna Jean Summers [51] gets a call from an unidentified caller telling her that an employee, Louise Ogborn [18], is being accused of stealing a purse. The “caller” tells Donna Jean Summers that he is a police officer. Without any proof of any kind who the person is on the other end of the phone, Donna Jean Summers begins to do everything the caller asks of her. As Donna is instructed by “caller”, she tells Louise she is to be searched, then strip searched or be taken to the police.

After watching this video (originally airing on ABC News Now and edited by Opie and Anthony) you may have about 100 questions popping into your head about the entire incident. Before we get into some of them, the following are the facts as they are today:

  1. Louise Ogborn sued McDonalds for $200 million and is awarded $6.1 million.
  2. Donna Jean Summers was fired and plead guilty to wrongful imprisonment and given 1 year probation.
  3. Donna Jean Summers sues McDonalds for $50 million and is awarded $1 million by the jury.
  4. Walter Nix Jr[42] is arrested and convicted for his part in this crime and other related crimes.
  5. David Stewart[38] a prison guard in Panama City, Florida is arrested and acquitted of being the culprit in this crime. (other charges pending in other similar cases) [special note, all calls of this nature to fast food restaurants have stopped since Stewart’s arrest]
  6. McDonalds did send warnings to their stores about prank phone calls two weeks prior to this incident (confirmed).

Now to the questions that came to mind while watching this. A store manager arbitrarily follows the instructions of an unidentified caller to perform police work knowing full well she is not qualified to perform police work, such as a strip search, let alone any kind of search of another person without a warrant. Not even reasonable suspicion will authorize Donna Jean Summers since she is not a law enforcement officer or even remotely trained as one. Donna Jean Summers illegally detains a subordinate, an employee under her care, and removes her victim (Louise Ogborn) of all possible defenses and means to defend herself and imprisons Louise using an effective means that prison guards employ to reduce the number of attempts to escape custody. A psychological ploy that reaches deep into the human psyche is the embarrassment and humiliation of being in public naked/nude and challenging authority. On an 18 year old female, this would be especially effective in keeping her prisoner without any effort. Donna Jean Summers, being an adult female, should have recognized the helplessness of this feeling immediately.

Donna Jean Summers took Louise’ car keys, cell phone and clothes, effectively imprisoning Louise in her office. Was Donna Jean Summers under a spell? Was she drugged? Was she being commanded to perform these acts with a gun held to her head? Why didn’t Donna Jean Summers just ask the “caller” to come to the store and do this himself, if he was truly a law enforcement officer, since the police station was only 5 minutes down the road from that particular McDonalds.

Donna Jean Summers was then instructed to bring her boyfriend/fiancé (Walter Nix Jr.) to the restaurant and perform guard duty. The second unqualified person to perform police work and Donna Jean Summers still doesn’t question anything that she is doing at the command of an “unknown” person on a phone. Keep in mind, this all transpired over the course of approximately 3 hours. Jason Bradley, 27, a cook who Donna Jean Summers at one point called in to watch Ogborn, refused to go along with the caller’s instructions to remove her apron and describe her.

While Louise was held prisoner against her will in a McDonalds store office, stripped of her defenses, stripped of her dignity, the 42 year old Walter Nix Jr (an adult) comes to take over by the “caller’s” request. Why would a 42 year old male, upon witnessing the situation, not immediately question this activity or the authenticity of the caller? We now know why and we now see the true colors of Donna Jean Summers and her judgment of those she “trusts.” What law enforcement authority would command one person to perform sexual acts on another? What idiot would follow such an order?

While Walter Nix Jr is enjoying the commands of his new boss “the caller”, Donna Jean Summers is more interested in keeping her subordinates out of the area of the office by attending to what must have been an “onslaught” of customers that were more important than the seriousness of the supposed situation in the office. If Donna Jean Summers had any true conviction that she was dealing with a real officer on the phone, and believed in her heart that this situation was legitimate and real, why wasn’t she at the side of her subordinate the entire time tending to this supposed more important issue, rather than feeding hungry people, which she had employees for? Donna Jean Summers enters the office at one point and ignoring that Louise is naked walks right past her to fiddle with the computer and looks for gift certificates at which point Walter Nix Jr then tosses Louise the apron to cover herself. Donna Jean Summers had abandoned a defenseless, helpless 18 year old female under her care [who Donna Jean Summers had personally rendered helpless and defenseless] to two adult male strangers, one with physical contact and the other on a phone giving commands. Donna Jean Summers was then shocked and surprised that anything “wrong” was going on even when she walked in on a fully nude Louise at one point.

Some time later, one Thomas Simms [58] was asked into the office and spoke with the “caller” to which he also refused to comply with a stranger on the phone. Donna Jean Summers was shocked and surprised to hear he was asked to remove Louise’ apron as well. Still Donna Jean Summers found nothing wrong with this entire incident, found no reason to stop it and never questioned the morality or violation of a subordinate Donna Jean Summers was responsible for or that persons rights and freedoms, including due process. Donna Jean Summers was in fact a willing participant.

Eventually other managers arrive on the scene (apparently contacted by Donna Jean Summers herself) and the real police were called to the scene who arrive in, you guessed it, 5 minutes.

McDonalds claims they sent warnings about phone pranks and hoaxes to all stores via voice/email two weeks prior to this particular event. This has been confirmed, however, whoever was the first to see this voice/email, somehow discarded it and “forgot” to tell the other managers or employees of this warning. Lisa Siddons, the manager there, said in her deposition that it didn’t mention strip-searches (see special note at the bottom). Apparently it was more important to get the word out that the McRib was back or that happy meals have a better prize in them.

If you look at just how bizarre this incident is in relation to Donna Jean Summers participation and her fiancé’s participation and how they both willingly believed the “caller” was law enforcement, but yet Walter Nix Jr had no problem with an officer telling him to command an 18 year old girl to perform sexual acts with him, and Donna Jean Summer had no problem strip searching one of her own subordinates without question or cause or a flicker of skepticism. Maybe the whole idea of Donna Jean Summers being commanded by a stranger to perform sexually exciting things to an 18 year old female turned Donna Jean Summers on. Maybe it turned on Donna Jean Summers AND her fiancé to have a stranger on the phone command them both to perform sexual acts with an 18 year old female. Maybe it was their secret fantasy to spike their own relationship, but it had to be with someone at least 18 but not old enough to fight back. Wait, that can’t be. There aren’t any people in this world that are that sick and demented, and there is no way that Donna Jean Summers and Walter Nix Jr could ever have been in league with or in partnership with this mysterious “caller” and set this whole thing up so that Walter Nix Jr would be readily available at a moments notice and that it would only be a matter of time before Donna Jean Summers called for some extra help at the end of a particular shift of a person that had already expressed her willingness to help out whenever she could for the extra spending money. Naw………too ridiculous……..or……….is it?

Special Note – McDonald’s employee manual clearly notes its policy against strip-searches. It also notes that no non-employee of McDonalds will be allowed into the restaurant offices.

Sex Offender or Earth Conscious?

Green Good or Green Bad?

Recently the Ontario environment minister Laurel Broten announced that Ontario will be rewarding motorists for driving environmentally-friendly vehicles with a green license plate.

The Ontario Liberals said motorists who drive a low-emission car will soon get a green-hued license plate and access to perks like free parking or access to car-pool [HOV] lanes.

This could pose a problem for Ontarians traveling to the United States with their “eco-license” plates, especially in the states of Alabama, Ohio and Wisconsin. Earlier this year these states have proposed fluorescent green plates for their “registered sex offenders.” OOOPS!

So now we have a question. Which do you think is going to be more acceptable, Canada and the “Green Earth” plates or the U.S. and their “Green Sex Offenders” plates?

Personally, we in the U.S., have been going “green” in so many different ways in recognition of energy conservation and environmentally friendly habits for so long, that I don’t understand the individual states proposing green plates for sex offenders. It just doesn’t make any sense that they would pick green and purposely confuse the issues. Maybe its just the states that don’t really have any real “green earth” programs or attitudes.


What are your thoughts on this situation?

Hurricane Dean Cat 4

*Update* –  Dean is now a tropical storm as of August 23rd and now part of the history books.

After killing 11 people on its rampage through the Caribbean, Dean was a Category 5 hurricane – the strongest possible – when it tore into Mexico, landing around the cruise ship port of Costa Maya, near the border with Belize.

Maximum sustained winds are near 85 mph…140 km/hr…with higher gusts. Dean is a category one hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Some restrengthening is expected after Dean enters the Bay of Campeche.
At 100 PM CDT…1800z…the center of Hurricane Dean was located near latitude 19.2 north…longitude 90.4 west or about 45 miles…75 km…south-southeast of Campeche Mexico.
Dean is moving toward the west near 18 mph…30 km/hr…and a west-northwestward to westward motion is expected today and tonight. On this track…the center of Dean will reach the southern Bay of Campeche in a couple of hours.
The latest minimum central pressure reported by an Air Force Reserve unit reconnaissance aircraft was estimated at 960 mb…28.35 inches.

And just for extra fun, here are some shots of Hurricane Dean today from the International Space Station and Shuttle Endeavour. The field of view of the camera is 1000 miles across.Hurricane Dean as seen from the ISSHurricane Dean as seen from the ISSHurricane Dean as seen from the ISSHurricane Dean as seen from the ISS

Impeach John Edwards BEFORE he gets to the Whitehouse

John Edwards Blog:

tapster in Diaries

7/05/2007 at 1:28 PM EST

This is exactly the type of case that John describes in “Four Trials”. Read this, and then decide on the best response when Righties are critical of John for being a trail lawyer!:

Pool Drain Pulls Small Intestine Out Of Young Girl

Minneapolis – A 6-year-old Edina, Minn. girl has been hospitalized after a horrific accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Friday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. Now Abigail’s father has a warning to other families: Pool and hot tub drain accidents are a hidden danger that many of us don’t understand. [Scott Taylor never said this]

Abigail has big brown eyes, a dazzling smile and at just 6 years old she has already competed in local swim meets.

“She loves to swim,” said her father Scott Taylor.

Her love of swimming is why her family didn’t think twice when she played at a kiddie pool at the family’s golf club on Friday night. Taylor said as Abigail was getting out of the pool, she fell.

“She more or less blacked out, she passed out, fell face-first onto the pool decking,” he said. The family thought it was a seizure. [I don’t know where tapster gets his information, but NBC news quotes Mrs Taylor: “Her mom says Abbey somehow pulled herself off the drain and out of the pool before collapsing into the deep end of the regular pool.” Why would Mr Taylor say something contrary to what Mrs Taylor said?]

An ambulance rushed her to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. Several hours later a surgeon said Abigail was lucky to be alive.

“The suction had caused a two-inch tear in her rectum and had basically disemboweled her by pulling out her small intestines, almost all of it,” said Taylor.

Her father said a search of the pool filter turned up Abigail’s intestine. He said Abigail was seriously wounded because the cover of the drain had been removed. [And this is somehow the pool manufacturers fault???]

In most public pools the drain cover is screwed in and cannot be pulled off. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the pressure on some pool drains can be as strong as 300 pounds per square inch.

“It never even crosses anybody’s mind that potential at the bottom of that pool is enough force to literally disembowel a child, an adult,” said Taylor.

Abigail will have to be fed intravenously for the rest of her life and will have to have a colostomy bag.

“We view it as a miracle that she’s still with us,” her father said.

She is improving. Wednesday morning she stunned her family by asking a question.

“She said, ‘Am I going to be on the news?’ She said, ‘Why do you ask?’ She said, ‘Because I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else,'” recalled Taylor.

Since 1990, 170 people, mostly children, have been caught in drains and 27 of them have died. Legislation is pending that would require pools and hot tubs to have multiple drains to ease the suction. [Oh, there’s a real solution. Don’t require a business to properly maintain a perfectly good pool or staff their business with certified pool technicians and maintenance personnel, instead put the burden on the manufacturer.]

Some pools have a safety vacuum cutoff which shuts down if someone is trapped. New drain covers which cost less than $50 can also help.

According to the Associated Press, an official at the golf club expressed sympathy for the family and said he didn’t think anything was wrong with the pool, but referred questions to the club’s attorney, who declined to comment. [Gosh, I wonder why? Could it be that the Golf Club is negligent and not the pool manufacturer??]

John Edwards isn’t even a good lawyer, let alone a good candidate for President. Why would you want a president that doesn’t even recognize where the origin of the negligence is? Could it be that John is worried that if he sued the Club instead of the manufacturer, that he might be sneared at, at HIS Golf Club? Maybe he might lose tee time privileges. John may not be an ambulance chaser as some accuse him, but he sure as hell doesn’t gather his facts well, and will definitely put the blame where it doesn’t belong.

re: original post on John Edwards blog.