The Big Move

Some moves are just not normal. I have moved more times than should be allowed per human being. Since the time I joined the military in 1981, I have moved not less than 35 times. Many moves were made while in the military both as a single military member as well as a married military member.

When I was single in the military, moves were considered fast, purposeful and required, otherwise known as the duffle bag drag. Everything you owned went into a single duffle bag and off you went in a rush that took less than 30 minutes.

Then I got married, and moves began getting more difficult. Introducing the house hold goods shuffle. The military gladly picked up the tab for moving and regardless if you moved from offbase, to onbase, or from onbase to offbase, or around the world, the military would snatch up your belongings and put them in a big wooden box, stamp it and haul it to the new location.

After my military service obligations had been completed and I became a civilian once again, the moves got even more difficult, but bearable. I was at least able to pack my things the way I wanted and sift through what I had to get rid of the junk. The moves got easier as I reduced my “junk load” with every move I made reducing my total household volume to neccessities.

Now I am making a move I never imagined I would make. I am moving from Pennsylvania to Australia.

It has been a long 8 weeks since I began packing little bits at a time. After 4 weeks had passed and I had gotten a moving company in to do a quote, is when I realized that the moving companies want to pack everything themself. My inventory would not be sufficient for them and the bill would be well over $3000.

I began unpacking again, and deciding what I wanted to take, and what I wanted to get rid of during this new sifting process. Why am I unpacking? I found out that it was cheaper to mail my household goods rather than ship them with a moving company. Total saved? $1500.

…to be continued


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