Health Care Reform – B.O. Politics

As usual, B.O. Politics stinks. Obama hangs himself yet again with the not so sharp double speak he learned so well in order to become a politician. Obama characterizes America’s anger and opposition to reforming health care as a conspiracy theory, a plan to deliberately scare away support for reforming health care.

Yes, some aspects of our current health care system need fixing and tweaking, but Obama feels that the way to fix it is to completely overhaul it and reform it as if health care were a stunning disgrace to society. More double speak from B.O.

CNN reports “Obama and Democratic leaders have accused opponents of health care changes of organizing protests intended to drown out the debate…” What a bunch of crap. Last I checked, if the public wanted something done, changed or stopped in America, you made your voice heard because every voice counts. The now famous Town Halling going on around America seems to be a fantastic way for our congressmen to get it right between the eyes about how the public feels about something. Now that they are getting it right between the eyes, the Democrats and B.O. can’t face it, so they are characterizing it as a conspiracy. I got news for our President, if you ignore the voice of the public, and dismiss our voice as a conspiracy, the next event following is naturally a revolt against the Dictator in office who refuses to “hear the people.”

“What is truly scary, what is truly risky, is to do nothing,” Obama said, noting that premiums paid for health care coverage were rising three times faster than wages and that the government-run Medicare program for senior citizens would run out of money within a decade.

Oh really? You mean like how Democrats in congress swore that businesses were “too big to fail” and that Wall Street and Banks and Auto makers had to be bailed out of their grossly mismanaged and failing businesses? THis turned out to be false, those banks and companies should have been allowed to fail so that the “natural course of economics” could prevail which was for other successful banks and businesses to buy them out. By the way, even after some of the companies got their bailout money, and still failed to recover, they were bought out or merged with successful businesses.

CNN reports “Obama defended his call for a government-funded public health insurance plan” and supporting this action as a need for government competition to our current health providers with statements like

“UPS and FedEx are doing just fine,” Obama said, referring to private courier services that compete with the U.S. Postal Service. “It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

Wow, lets just think about this for a minute. Tons of double speak here and of course hanging himself with statements like this. Social Security is a government plan that is going bankrupt, Medicare is a government plan that is going bankrupt, the U.S. Post Office is a government plan that is going bankrupt. Yet in his own words B.O. concedes that UPS, Fed-Ex are doing better. I got news for B.O., our health providers are doing better than medicare and medicaid, IRA’s and Personal retirement companies are doing better than Social Security. Now you are going to tell us that a government Health Care plan is what we need and it has to be done before congress goes on break?

Typical tactic to get something corrupt into the system before anyone can do a double take.

Senator Arlen Specter speaks about the anger and frustration of the public at his town-hall gatherings and dismisses it saying “the rhetoric was ‘within acceptable limits,’ ” Specter told reporters that economic and political anxieties have created a “level of anger in the country” that has not been seen since the Great Depression.

I have more news for the Democrats, we aren’t angry at the economy and it isn’t political anxiety, we are angry at congressmen and women trying to control our economy, our lives, our liberty, our outspoken voices our private businesses, the banking industry, the housing industry, the auto industry, etc.

You tried to bail out Chrysler and General Motors and what did it get you? They are still failing, but wait, Ford refused bailout money, and is doing just fine. Why? Because they aren’t running their company into the ground with greed and corruption.

How many banks and financial firms received bail out money, paid bonuses to their executives anyway, haven’t paid back our tax dollars, still failed and were subsequently bought out by another company? One was too many, let alone four or five.

B.O., the public is angry, we are complaining about you and the Democrats forcing socialism on us, forcing bigger government on us to control our lives. The public is telling you and congress to STOP THE INSANITY!


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  2. Rocket, I LOVE your blog! And, I love your comments over at that liberal blog (The bathtub something or other). I’m following that discussion and it is truly a breath of fresh air to see a reasoned argument in all that insanity!

  3. Thanks Lady 🙂

    I’ll be putting more time into The Public Vote in the next week or two to get it completed. Right now its just a front page, so keep checkin.

  4. How many banks and financial firms received bail out money, paid bonuses to their executives anyway, haven’t paid back our tax dollars, still failed and were subsequently bought out by another company? One was too many, let alone four or five.

    Which companies are you referring to? Can you name them, or are their names secret?

  5. No the names are not secret, but it shows you don’t pay attention to current events as well.

    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. John Thain CEO rushed to pay out $3–4 billion dollars in fourth quarter bonuses to Merrill employees by the end of 2008. The firm was acquired by Bank of America and is now known as Bank of America Merrill Lynch. These bonuses totaling 3.6 billion were one-third of the money they received from the feds’ TARP bailout.

    Bear Stearns, after receiving fed bailout monies, was sold to JP Morgan Chase, a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.
    “NPR – The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department have orchestrated the rescue of Bear Stearns. The defenders of that maneuver argue that if Bear Stearns had failed it would have created a lot of collateral damage, so much collateral damage, that you and I, normal folk who don’t know anything about high-falutin’ financial instruments like “collateralized debt obligations” would have been engulfed as well. If Bear Stearns had gone bankrupt, Lehman Brothers might have been next. Some say that if Bear Stearns had failed, the entire banking system was at risk.”

    Lehman Brothers failed anyway.

    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. sent into bankruptcy led to the rushed sale of Merrill Lynch & Co. to Bank of America Corp. (see Merrill Lynch above)

    Smith Barney owned by Citigroup that received bailout money, filed bankruptcy and was subsequently sold to Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley who received TARP funding did not file bankruptcy and instead sold part of its company to Japan. Mitsubishi UFJ closed the deal to buy 21% of Morgan Stanley on October 14, 2008 in a plan to eventually own controlling stock (51%) in the near future.

    I could go on and on, but this is obvious news and information to everyone else and I think it would be better if you did your own research and put that accusatory liberal illness to rest.

    I hope everyone can see this cute little cycle of companies being bought and sold and receiving bail out money is nothing more than money changing from one pocket to another in wall street, and mean while, you voted to give your tax dollars to this game.

    The liberals call it necessary to save the economy, the rest of us call it insanity. The Liberals will tell you if we don’t do this that or the other thing, the economy will die, people will die, the country will die, the world will die, etc. The rest of us know better.

  6. For all those who have posted a comment, One book everyone should read is a book by Congressman Ron Paul titled “End The Fed” in his book he outlines the real reasons as to why the Fed should be shut down and to never operate again.

    the vast majority of people really don’t understand how, is or why it’s printed and what happens when the Feds barrow too much, or print too much paper money. He also explains why we need to adhere to the Gold Standard’s that were set-up of which our American Dollars are backed.

    Most people get there paycheck at the end of the week and assume the money is good and in most cases is, but fail to understand the inner working of the worthiness of the almighty Dollar.

    With respect to the Omnibus Bill, Tarp I, II, II, and thoughts of Tarp IV, Climate change, Cap & Trade I mean “TAX” all of these Bills except the Omnibus Bill are nothing more than a way fro Congress to raise Taxes on the American People though they need to make you feel as though your getting something for your almighty dollar in exchange but all were getting is !@#$%^ in the ass by those we voted into office.

    It is imperilitive that you pay close attention to what our President does in lieu of what he say’s as there 2 entirely different things, if you’ve been paying close attention when BO speaks you not getting the whole picture. But if you pay attention to what happens over here as opposed to what he might be telling the American People you’ll understand exactly whats happening to our Republic.

    Not to drive people away form reading here on Scotts site, but I’, going to list a really good site to read. The American Thinker is a Web Site authored by believe it or not a Reformed Liberal Democrat who lucky for us became a Conservative like myself and loves his Country !!! though he doesn’t write all articles posted on his site but does write alot of them there’s a wealth of information for one to read, and a host of links associated with many of the headlines on the site that are very informative as well.

    Another good read is “Big Gov’” which is the main site that backed the 2 people who broke the Acorn videos and is run by Andrew Briebart you may also know him form Fox News where once in awhile he is a guest on shows like Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta, and FBN with Neil Covuteo.

    If you were lucky enough to have had the liberty to actually read several of the stories where the real hard numbers describing our National Debt, GDP, and money paid on interest you’ll very quickly realize that all these 1,000 page bills are nothing more than Fluff N Puff and does nothing more than raise Taxes on all Americans even the so called Health Care Bill where you really believe your going to be insured only to have your Taxes raised by a minimum of 40% and could go as high as 60% for the wealthiest of Americans, none the less at the end of the day your taxes are going to go sky high because Congress for the last 3 or 4 decades hasn’t learned to live under a balanced budget like you and me and the rest of the population has to do everyday of our lives.

    There has yet to be any one session of congress from the current back to the sessions of Congress when Carter was President is when all our troubles began starting with the Credit Re-Investment act of which what is going on today is nothing more than a continuation of that act with Barney Franks at the helm, and our Good good Friend Charlie Rangel at the helm of the Ways & Means who write our tax code of which he himself doesn’t like to follow his own tax code that he imposes on all of us.

    I’ve been saying it for a long time now as has many others thru out the internet that the MADNESS MUST STOP NOW. A another very important thing to keep in mind is the 2010 elections next November. The important part of this is to vote each and every incumbent out, but it must be done in the PRIMARIES, not the actual elections. The up coming Primary’s is and will be the most important primaries of our lives and the most important of our Nation and it doesn’t matter if there Democrat, Republican, Independent they all must be voted out and we have to start fresh with a clean slate for any real change to happen. In case you haven’t noticed but there’s really no difference between a Democrat or a Republican though when they speak to us they sound different, they sound like there on our side but the only reason they might be on our side now is to gain our confidence for your vote and will resume the same rhetoric, the same lies, the same promises of old and if that allowed to happen again, well you know you get what you paid for and I’m not buying anything they have to sell. Not today, tomorrow, or next week or next year and I can only hope that all of you that visit this site feel the same as I do. I’m not trying to sell you any books but do hope you’ll atleast have a look at Ron Pauls book “End The Fed” to get a full understanding of how our currency works and why this Federal REserve needs to be shut down today, and until that happens the Banking Industry will never change, nor will our National Debt.

  7. Thank you for your comments BFH.
    If you want to send a strong message that cant be ignored to our congressmen and women, there are two very effective ways. One as you stated at the primaries, the other is to vote for and support the fair tax ( ) which will send the scariest message of all to congress. Vote for abolishing the income tax and getting your entire paycheck first. Then paying your fair share of taxes based on what you purchase. Income tax and social security both were supposed to be temporary programs. Then Americans just kinda got used to it. It is time for “change” to go back to they way it worked, before income tax and social security tax.

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