Google Chrome OS

That’s right, Google has announced the release of their OS “Chrome” later this year to early 2010.

By John D. Sutter – CNN

(CNN) — Google is jumping into Microsoft Windows territory — and threatening to change the way personal computers work — with its own version of a computer operating system.

The company says the forthcoming Google Chrome OS will revolutionize how computers operate, putting more emphasis on Web functionality, making computers faster and opening them up to helpful tinkering by outside program developers.

“The operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web,” Google said late Tuesday on its official blog. “It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.”

Chrome OS will be available to consumers in the second half of 2010, Google says.

But why should you care?

A trim and speedy Google operating system, which has been buzzed about online for some time, is interesting for several reasons — even if you think it could flop out of the gate. (…more)

I personally can’t wait. I predicted (Nov, 2007) Google would be doing this and made mention of my prediction in this blog as a sidebar to the free 411 call called 800GOOG411

I truly love the Google Chrome web browser that just blows Internet Explorer out of the water for speed, sleek, clean functionality. Bring it on Google, lets give Microsoft the wakeup call. It’s time for Microsoft to smell the roses, hell, I am all for Google shoving a rose so far up Microsoft’s butt that they can taste its fragrance.

More Power to Google and open source!

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  1. should be pretty neat. Looking forward to the new os also!

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