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7 responses to “Second Life Group Chat

  1. could you help me at secondlife please?
    i’m al a mess and too much a newbie… my bf and i are exploring, but i’m not getting it i think….

  2. Sure Angel, what questions do you have for me? and what is your SL resident name?

  3. my name there is AngelSo Longfall..
    lol, can i change that?
    and i guess my biggest problems are lag, freezing, and crashing. People there have been very helpful, but it seems there are few places that i can actually go too because of the crashing…
    i have other questions too, but i guess getting past this problem would be a first step?

  4. Angel, I am assuming you have a PC and though I don’t have a great resource for PC users, the following tips and “tweaks” can be applied to a PC user as well. They are meant for a Mac user, but the basics are the same.

    Try a few for starters then reload the viewer. if you see improvement, then press on with a few ore tweaks.

    Let me know what your results are and if we still can’t get you improved, I have some other solutions.

  5. Отличная статья Спасибо огромное

  6. Что ж… и такое мнение допустимо. Хотя, думаю, возможны и другие варианты, так что не огорчайтесь.

  7. Интересно, я даже и недумала об этом…

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