Fixing America

You may have heard our new fearless leader proclaim that change is what we need and that change must start with fixing America.

Two things come to mind almost immediately with one being that change brings two schools of thought , change for the better, and change for the worse. Change is a great flash word and it was used heavily in President Obama’s campaign, however it is merely a flash word while overstating the obvious that occurs in our lives and our country all the time. Evolution is change. Growth is change. Getting married is change. We have plenty of change already, both good and bad.

The next flashy statement was that America needs to be fixed. Really? I didn’t know America was broken. Congress is broken, yes. The SEC is broken, yes. Government and corporate policies are broken, yes. Our goverment is trying to break its citizens, yes, but America is not broken.

Americans were outraged when the big 3 auto makers flew to Washington D.C. on their expensive corporate jets to extort our government with “give us some bail out money or we will fire 3,000,000 employees” and now we have the President of the United States flying from Andrews AFB to Williamsburgh (155 miles – 12 minute flight) to listen to and speak to the Democtratic Conference.

This is not a cheap flight. When Air Force 1(747) flies, so does the backup 747. The cost of both jets flying 155 miles and then the return trip is huge. The President touts his tech saviness all the time. There is no reason why he couldn’t have video conferenced.

Published: February 6, 2009

WILLIAMSBURG — President Barack Obama made a quick trip to Virginia last night…

…Aboard the plane, the president wore a new blue jacket stitched with the words Air Force One in cursive and the presidential seal on his right side and “Barack Obama” on the left side.

“I’ve got my spiffy jacket so I thought I’d come and show it off,” he joked with reporters.

“What do you think about this spiffy ride? It’s not bad.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting the severe impression that our new President thinks this is fun and games at the tax payers expense.

Stay tuned for:

“Immoral Mothers against Immoral Athletes”

“An Oil Barrel of Monkeys”

“Stimulus Package Stimulates Debt and Abuse”

“Illegal Immigrants Employed, Americans Unemployed”

“$75 Billion to Keep you on Welfare”

“D- Gary Ackerman Blasts the SEC into speechlessness”

2 responses to “Fixing America

  1. I had to laugh. This is a great post. How easy it was to snow the public is amazing. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Obama was banking on the lack of education and ignorance of the middle to lower class where the majority of votes are. He targeted the 30 and under voters. And now we have John Kerry on tv telling us that a tax rebate for us is wrong, that in essence we are too irresponsible with our money to get a refund or a rebate. Unfreaking-believable. And people were voting for this guy for president. There honestly isn’t a Democrat I would ever vote for. BTW….great blog. I cant wait to see you syndicated nationally with your own show.

  2. lol, thanks for your comment Joker. I don’t know about being syndicated, but thanks for the support. I saw that clip with John Kerry, and the whole time I was thinking “this guy thinks we are too stupid to have our money back” and wondering why we hired that idiot to do our bidding in congress. This is a great example of why voters need to really get to know who they are voting for before they cast a vote. I have learned over the years, that the campaign speeches aren’t worth 2 seconds of air time. In essence, they are all lies in order to get your vote. Once they are in a congressional seat, they do nothing of what they said they would do.

    Glad to have you on board Joker.

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