Welfare Addiction

Many times I have talked with friends about the idea an anonymous man had for trimming the fat from our welfare system. All too often we have heard how much of our hard earned money from the “working Americans” is going into the welfare system, and how few people actually deserve the check.

I wont go into how many illegal immigrants are earning money in America and not paying a single penny into the federal system that pays for welfare and other community programs. I will save that for another post. Right now is as good a time as any to start trimming the fat from the welfare system.

welfare reformOne way we can do that is to change a small way the welfare system works, and that is to require each welfare applicant to take a drug test during the submission of their application and to take a drug test once a month, on a random date, while they are on the program. The first time someone fails the drug test, they lose their welfare and are banned from collecting welfare ever again, ever. The money that would be saved from paying drug addicts to be on welfare would more than pay for the new testing, and the rest could go to people who actually need the assistance or other programs.

welfare780579.gifNow as it would happen, I was talking to a friend of mine that I used to chat with in public chat rooms frequently, and we agreed we had both seen many conversations of people that are on welfare, in a chat room. These people were supporting , of course, how necessary the welfare system is and how it helps so many people. A great many of us did agree it is important to an extent, however, how is it possible that a welfare recipient can pay for an internet connection and a computer, if they are on welfare? Welfare is meant to give assistance to those who can not afford the basic necessities for survival.

Access to the Internet and purchasing a computer, is a luxury, not a necessity. So it would stand to reason that the welfare department should be doing random inspections of the homes of welfare recipients, and a review of their utility bills to verify that no luxuries are being purchased such as internet access and computers.

The whole idea is not to enable an addict, even someone addicted to welfare. If someone needs Internet access to find a job instead of using their feet, then it isn’t an unsurmountable task to walk up to the public library and use their computers, or even go to the employment office and use their computers.

It’s time to stop funneling money into the hands of addicts through government programs. How can you help? Elect an official to oversee where your hard earned money is going, and stop electing politicians who thrive on special interest groups and padding their own pockets.


22 responses to “Welfare Addiction

  1. The biggest waste of money is not in welfare but rather by the bad Polticians, civil and public servants .. you can start by rightfully firing all of the alcoholic ones there too,.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Non. I think our gov’t needs a complete overhall, but as it stands, things just got worse. You are indeed correct, we do have a lot of corrupt politicians and many if not all of them need to be fired with a vote and replaced with young fresh minds.

    I also know that willnever happen, which is why I suggested one solution that could make a difference.

    One particular alcoholic, Ted Kennedy is definitely overdue to be fired.

  3. what would you suggest is something to do about these people ripping off the welfare? should we report those that we know and would they actually be investigated? social workers probably dont have time to go to their houses, but i sure agree there are a lot out there that are abusing this sytem. what should we do?

  4. what would you suggest is something to do about these people ripping off the welfare? should we report those that we know and would they actually be investigated? social workers probably dont have time to go to their houses, but i sure agree there are a lot out there that are abusing this sytem. what should we do? is there a way to report someone you know who is abusing ? and would they listen or do anything?

  5. Hi Kim/Razz, My article contains a solution that would work best in my opinion. I don’t see how trying to do anything from the outside would be as effective as getting changes made on the inside.

    Reporting or filing a complaint against the offender wont really get anything done except cause problems for you. You could send a letter or email to your state attorney generals office but I think it would be better to contact your state representative and/or congressman/woman and let them know you hired them to do a job, and the welfare system is being abused.

    If you let a politician know that their job is on the line or the votes are on the line when you bring a valid issue to their attention, there is a good chance they will give the issue their attention.

    I’ve found that an issue is far more palatable if you include a solution or two of your own with a complaint.

    Thank you for your comment,

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  7. Gosh I sure hope so Angela, Digg It, everyone:)

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  9. Thank you very much for your comment, Prepaid.

  10. I agreee with this article because I believe that people on welfare do take advantage of the system. I’m not saying all of them do, but certainly some. I definitly agree with the drug testing, it might reduce the use of drugs if users dont have the money to pay for it. We might actually help others stay away from drugs. I hope this plan goes into action as soon as possible. It may really help.

  11. Thanks for your comment Vianca. I doubt the drug testing by Welfare will reduce drug use, but it will definitely get them off welfare so that the funds would be available to those who truly need it.

    Drug dealers don’t get their money from welfare but they tend to be on welfare because they don’t have real jobs and make their money instead by dealing drugs.

    Let’s get them out of the system with drug testing, and give that money to people who are using the welfare system as it was intended, a “stepping stone” or push back into the working society.

  12. I don’t understand how illegal immigrants get welfare. Right now my wife and I genuinely need it (6 months of unemployment after a crooked employer who paid NO unemployment benefits), but we can’t get anything because she is an immigrant and because I sponsored her, I would have to pay it all back anyway. I have been paying into welfare my whole life, and will be for the rest of my life once I find a new job, yet, the one time in my life where I need to use welfare, I can’t. It seems like the system isn’t doing what it was intended to do.

  13. Hi Johann, thank you for your comment.

    Welfare is funded federally, but, run on a state-by-state basis. The basics are this: you are required to show a valid social security number for every person that lives in your household. Other things you are required to show at intake appointment: your ID, birth certificates of children living with you, proof of their full time enrollment in school if under 16 or 18 (depending on state), all check stubs for the previous 3 months, last years 1040 return, any child support paid or received (printout from court), most recent statements from any and all bank accounts, copy of your lease or mortgage agreement, copy of most recent gas & electric bills, and, any other documentation that may be required….

    In some states, if you don’t have social security cards for every member of your household, the process freezes until you can prove you are legally here. States check with the federal system to assure that social security cards match names, DOB, and other vitals on record.

    You can also get information from your local department of workers compensation, and department of labor and workers compensation. The names change from state to state but you may also want to check your unemployment office or local American Legion, VFW or DAV even if you are not a veteran they will have information for you as many military veterans do have immigrant spouses. You can also check with the Red Cross and HUD office.

    As to how illegal immigrants get welfare is speculative but I have heard cases where someone sponsors them or they have applied for citizenship (this can take up to 6 years or more), or they obtained a social security card and or tax ID number (wether legally or otherwise).

    There are many ways people can illegally qualify to receive welfare monies and because of this we strive to coerce our representatives to reform welfare, but in todays world it is far more important for our congress to reform health insurance companies than welfare.

    I wish I had a better answer.
    Thanks again for your post.

  14. Had it not been for Welfare, I would not be alive today. I must say that first. I agree with the idea of drug testing but not so much with banning a person for life. There must be a better way than that. Perhaps cut the payments off for a time period and re-instate at a much lower amount, THEN you cut em off. Addiction isnt a thing people can just put down. We must think of the children in these families. To punish them for their parents actions is cruel.
    Internet is very cheap these days. Anyone who thinks it not a necessity should try getting a job or learning new skills without it. As a child in the welfare system there were already people in suits coming to inspect our houses and check up on us periodocially. It is necessary but can be offensive too. I believe anyone who thinks in terms of simply cutting off abusers as well as vitcims of circumstance to protect “the working man” has never had to wonder where his next meal is coming from. It amazes me how cold and self-centered people can be when it comes to money.
    Im not saying we should support layabouts and do-nothings. I _am_ saying that if you want the system to work more efficiently and the money to go where its needed; then you should put more thought into reforming it and not speak in such offensive blanketing terms.
    I was taught that if i could afford to waste my money on luxuries such as toys and ice cream as a child, that i could also afford to help someone whos situation is much more dire than mine.
    I have since become an animator and contributer to many charities. As long as you see yourself as a victim of the theivery of people who have no alternatives your existence will lack a great amount of joy.
    My mother found herself alone with three kids after my father left. She was uneducated and had many nervous disorders. She put herself through school and taught me charity and kindness. When you call yourself “the working man” you indirectly label the others as lazy or unwilling to work. While this may be true for a frightening quotient of people recieving aid..its not true for all.. so stop speaking like that. Unless your goal is to color the feelings of everyone to be as negative as possible to unfortunates. Dont like the system?
    Also have you ever considered that these welfare recipients could be chatting on public connections? or at friends houses?
    it seems you are already biased negatively towards all people who need aid. If we as a country keep going this way we will see something bloodier than the French Revolution.
    Again, the language we use colors the emotions of the people who hear it. A little more sensitivity please.

  15. Francis, thank you for your comment.
    I can not make excuses for my harshness. extreme problems must be met with extreme measures. If a drug addicted parent is expelled from welfare for life because he/she/they failed the drug test, and a child of those parents suffers from it, that is a shame. However, I am not one to go lenient on the parents for the sake of the children. in my opinion the “right” thing to do is separate the children from the parents. Why? For many reasons. Drug addicted parents raise drug addicted children. Not all, no, but the majority, yes. Yes there are exceptions to every rule and unfortunately a small few will get caught in the middle. THese drug addicted criminals are the ones we are trying to weed out, and they should not be raising children and the children deserve much better parents and thus should be separated to give the “children” the best possible opportunity to be the best they can be. Yes it’s harsh. It can be called tough love, but as history has proven over and over again, making excuses and going soft on the criminals for the children’s sake doesn’t produce less criminals, and it surely doesn’t help the children.

    Welfare can be a good program if managed properly and it is a godsend to many who are actually in need of a stepping stone or a boost or help getting back on their feet. Welfare in my opinion should be temporary and have limits depicting it as temporary. However, many people have figured out how to make welfare a way of life, a standard of living and an excuse for not trying harder.

  16. I was on welfare for 5 years, It provided me the opportunity to be creative in my time, rather than suffering a job, I used the internet to promote my material, and raised my income through self promotion and marketing, which I learned online. I used this money to travel overseas and now teach children English in 3rd world countries. I’m still doing art and still getting some money, but again I’m receiving govt money to teach.
    Welfare is not the problem or the soultion, its the flow of capital from the haves to the have-nots. If your problem solving came to me, I had to give up the drugs, give up the lifetsyle, start working for the man, I’d have gone postal years ago.

    The better question is, why do people do drugs? why do they think its ok? why is it acceptable? for many, the answers are obvious, because society, via television, which is the psuedo parent of the children of this generation, shows kids that drugs exist, people do them to get ‘Away’ from heir troubles, and children don’t get taught by mum and dad that this is wrong, television teaches them that its ok, if your in that category. So they do it.

    Stop Television from ‘teaching’ bad morals, TV is brainwashing all people into accepting that crap exists, and we have to have it.

  17. Thank you for your comment Banelog.

    I have an idea, turn off the TV, start parenting or at least act like a responsible parent, and put down the crack pipe.

    Welfare is a problem and is a drain on any society. I’m glad to see I am still supporting you and that support is teaching English to 3rd world countries. I understand you went to a 3rd world country in order to continue smoking crack legally, but if you want to continue to get my tax dollars to support you, put down the crack pipe and use that money to get a higher education that will afford the opportunity to earn an honest living without a dependency on our government, our tax dollars, and drugs.

  18. You want an idea how to weed out the welfare cheats? Why not have them take drug tests?? After all, my husband and I, have to take drug tests, in order to earn a paycheck, why aren’t the recipients of my hard earned money, not required to??

    Think of how much money would be freed up. I’m not talking about people who need a hand up, on a temporary basis, I’m talking about those, who know how to make a career out of the sytem. They have baby after baby, the cannot support, yet expect the rest of us to. Please stop making babies, I end up supporting.

    Additionally, for all you who believe it’s okay to allocate billions away from Medicare to cover costs; let me remind you of two things. (a) Today’s Seniors have been paying into Social Security and Medicare for 30-50 + years. Both of these accounts are Trust accounts and should have been overflowing with unused funds. What we have is decades of mismanaged funds and money allocated away or borrowed from Medicare and Social Security, via the national budget. Instead of repaying the borrowed funds, other agencies are either unable or unwilling to reimburse billions used over decades. It is easier to state the funds are running out. (b) Every privilege and freedom you enjoy today was earned and paid for by today’s seniors, yesterday. So don’t complain about the high cost of Senior medical bills to me!

  19. Thank you for your comment Lisa. Drug testing welfare recipients was addressed in the 3rd paragraph.

    Most of the welfare recipients have figured out the magic number five. This is the number of children a single mother can have on welfare to get the maximum benefits from welfare. This is the wrong message to send since it encourages people to stay on welfare. The problem is only getting worse because it is an “entitlement” mentality.

    Imagine if welfare recipients had to pay back the money they received while on welfare, when they reached lets say 5 years or 10 years on the program. Imagine if welfare was a loan system with no interest or finance charges. Then people might start using it as intended, a stepping stone to a better life and career, as a helping hand.

  20. Sounds like starving children to me. Thats all I see with this so called “solution.” Because that’s what would happen. “Mom smoked pot 2 weeks ago so now I have to starve.” The mother may not have even bought the pot or if she did it was with money she earned serving coffee and pancakes to arrogant selfish people that want to cut welfare.

    I mention pot because when they’ve tried drug testing that’s who they caught. Cocaine, Opiates, and Meth metabolize very quickly and are not picked up on drugscreens usually. What about alcohol? If pot is a gateway drug then alcohol is one of the ones waiting on the otherside. Alcohol consumption is protected by the constitution. Which brings me to the legality of drug testing on a populace by the government. For this I present the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution which states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    Beyond all that, if you remember Economics class you’d realize what welfare is. It’s ultimately an economic stabalizer. When the crap hits the fan, it allows the fan to keep running at a minimum pace. Understand most people on welfare work. Mostly, the ones that aren’t working may not be able to or will eventually find work. The abusers of the system do so because of numbers.
    There simply is not enough funding in the system to catch the abusers. In my district there are 500 clients per case worker. That number will be increasing as the healthcare bill continues to roll out because so many more people will qualify for medicaid. Sure the federal government pays for it to be run at what they deem an “adequate level.” But, the state allocates the funds. The politically appointed administrators at the state and local level get a nice salary, while a social worker with a masters degree qualifies for the same programs as his/her clients.

    Right there is the real solution. Get rid of the patronage ran state control and have it run directly through federal means. Then increase funding and hire some more social workers with better salaries. It is like adding a few more lions to the hunt. Layoff the National Socialists’ solution to poverty.
    Please comprehend that being poor isn’t a transmittable disease or a character flaw. If your poor it just means your not a thief.

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