Sex Offender or Earth Conscious?

Green Good or Green Bad?

Recently the Ontario environment minister Laurel Broten announced that Ontario will be rewarding motorists for driving environmentally-friendly vehicles with a green license plate.

The Ontario Liberals said motorists who drive a low-emission car will soon get a green-hued license plate and access to perks like free parking or access to car-pool [HOV] lanes.

This could pose a problem for Ontarians traveling to the United States with their “eco-license” plates, especially in the states of Alabama, Ohio and Wisconsin. Earlier this year these states have proposed fluorescent green plates for their “registered sex offenders.” OOOPS!

So now we have a question. Which do you think is going to be more acceptable, Canada and the “Green Earth” plates or the U.S. and their “Green Sex Offenders” plates?

Personally, we in the U.S., have been going “green” in so many different ways in recognition of energy conservation and environmentally friendly habits for so long, that I don’t understand the individual states proposing green plates for sex offenders. It just doesn’t make any sense that they would pick green and purposely confuse the issues. Maybe its just the states that don’t really have any real “green earth” programs or attitudes.


What are your thoughts on this situation?


3 responses to “Sex Offender or Earth Conscious?

  1. Dear Sheriff Alexander,

    My name is William Djubin and I founded EarthRehab to raise proceeds for front-line environmental Foundations, Sanctuaries, and Missions.
    Our campaign evolves around a 100% recycled (from milk jugs) natural green license plate.
    I would be happy to send you a sample, its quite dynamic and speaks loudly to motorist that your commitment to our natural resources is real.

    Visit our website or thousands of people have joined our campaign, hundreds of plates are already on vehicles, press has announced our mission.

    A bright GREEN license plate standing for Sex Offenders and not Environmental Concerns?
    I would choose another color, green is extremely popular these days.


    William Djubin

  2. I sent this e-mail to Sheriff Alexander, Senators, and Representatives pushing the GREEN button. I encourage you to do the same.
    I have attached their email addresses below:

    now is the time to speak loudly and protect the Green Image.

  3. Thank you for your comments William. I appreciate your efforts with EarthRehab and feel this is definitely something we all can get involved in.

    Recycling, energy conservation, pollution control, etc have been around for a long time and almost always associated with green and the green earth/clean earth theme. I can’t understand why it’s always just a few politicians who have no real connection or concern with what the rest of the country is doing, come up with these brain storms that conflict with so many other people’s efforts.

    I think a nice black license plate with a bright red (reflective)border and white lettering would be great for identifying registered sex offenders. You could spot them easily during the day, and you can definitely spot where they are parked at night. The reflectivity of the border would work with as little as a flashlight, not just headlights.

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