Impeach John Edwards BEFORE he gets to the Whitehouse

John Edwards Blog:

tapster in Diaries

7/05/2007 at 1:28 PM EST

This is exactly the type of case that John describes in “Four Trials”. Read this, and then decide on the best response when Righties are critical of John for being a trail lawyer!:

Pool Drain Pulls Small Intestine Out Of Young Girl

Minneapolis – A 6-year-old Edina, Minn. girl has been hospitalized after a horrific accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Friday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. Now Abigail’s father has a warning to other families: Pool and hot tub drain accidents are a hidden danger that many of us don’t understand. [Scott Taylor never said this]

Abigail has big brown eyes, a dazzling smile and at just 6 years old she has already competed in local swim meets.

“She loves to swim,” said her father Scott Taylor.

Her love of swimming is why her family didn’t think twice when she played at a kiddie pool at the family’s golf club on Friday night. Taylor said as Abigail was getting out of the pool, she fell.

“She more or less blacked out, she passed out, fell face-first onto the pool decking,” he said. The family thought it was a seizure. [I don’t know where tapster gets his information, but NBC news quotes Mrs Taylor: “Her mom says Abbey somehow pulled herself off the drain and out of the pool before collapsing into the deep end of the regular pool.” Why would Mr Taylor say something contrary to what Mrs Taylor said?]

An ambulance rushed her to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. Several hours later a surgeon said Abigail was lucky to be alive.

“The suction had caused a two-inch tear in her rectum and had basically disemboweled her by pulling out her small intestines, almost all of it,” said Taylor.

Her father said a search of the pool filter turned up Abigail’s intestine. He said Abigail was seriously wounded because the cover of the drain had been removed. [And this is somehow the pool manufacturers fault???]

In most public pools the drain cover is screwed in and cannot be pulled off. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the pressure on some pool drains can be as strong as 300 pounds per square inch.

“It never even crosses anybody’s mind that potential at the bottom of that pool is enough force to literally disembowel a child, an adult,” said Taylor.

Abigail will have to be fed intravenously for the rest of her life and will have to have a colostomy bag.

“We view it as a miracle that she’s still with us,” her father said.

She is improving. Wednesday morning she stunned her family by asking a question.

“She said, ‘Am I going to be on the news?’ She said, ‘Why do you ask?’ She said, ‘Because I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else,'” recalled Taylor.

Since 1990, 170 people, mostly children, have been caught in drains and 27 of them have died. Legislation is pending that would require pools and hot tubs to have multiple drains to ease the suction. [Oh, there’s a real solution. Don’t require a business to properly maintain a perfectly good pool or staff their business with certified pool technicians and maintenance personnel, instead put the burden on the manufacturer.]

Some pools have a safety vacuum cutoff which shuts down if someone is trapped. New drain covers which cost less than $50 can also help.

According to the Associated Press, an official at the golf club expressed sympathy for the family and said he didn’t think anything was wrong with the pool, but referred questions to the club’s attorney, who declined to comment. [Gosh, I wonder why? Could it be that the Golf Club is negligent and not the pool manufacturer??]

John Edwards isn’t even a good lawyer, let alone a good candidate for President. Why would you want a president that doesn’t even recognize where the origin of the negligence is? Could it be that John is worried that if he sued the Club instead of the manufacturer, that he might be sneared at, at HIS Golf Club? Maybe he might lose tee time privileges. John may not be an ambulance chaser as some accuse him, but he sure as hell doesn’t gather his facts well, and will definitely put the blame where it doesn’t belong.

re: original post on John Edwards blog.


8 responses to “Impeach John Edwards BEFORE he gets to the Whitehouse

  1. In any case, it sounds like a pretty gruesome accident.

  2. [expletives deleted]… Using this girl’s tragedy to go after John Edwards? How low can a person get. Maybe leave politics out of it. And your commentary throughout was inaccurate. Scott Taylor did issue that warning. Both parents were quoted correctly in their statements. Abigail pulled herself out of the wading pool, blacked out and fell onto the deck and went into the large pool.
    unbelievable that you would actually use this to go after Edwards. I don’t like Edwards, but really…

  3. Thank you for your comment ChenZhen. I agree both horrible and tragic. My heart goes out to Abigail and her family.

    Thank you for your comment “DS”. I am not “using” any human tragedy to go after a politician. If you will read more of my blog, I covered the Abigail Taylor story separately and I have voiced my disdain for politicians separately. It is by mere coincidence that John Edwards, a politician and an attorney, has tried cases before involving pool accidents. The point of the post was not to link John to Abigail but to link attorneys with going after the wrong guy, in this case the pool manufacturer instead of the negligent grounds keeper or property owner.

    I am curious, how does one fall onto a decking unconscious, and then “go into another pool? Mind you, I am not the reporter, this has been reported now (since the original post about Abigail) both ways, falling onto the deck, and falling into the deep end of the adult pool.

    It’s nothing more than a matter of journalists misquoting ( no shock there).

  4. Nonsense. We need heroes like John Edwards to protect young children like Abigail from dangerous swimming pools like that. 63 deaths have ocurred due to a faulty drain cover. For heavan sake dont support the corporations. Support the helpless children. Appreciate John Edwards

  5. Matt, thanks for your comments. Though I would never call John Edwards a hero, for going after the wrong guy. I think you skipped over some key points such as “doesn’t even recognize where the origin of the negligence is?”

    There are many pool manufacturers in the world, and many pools in use that are properly maintained by the “purchaser/owner” of the product. People are so easily misdirected with smoke and mirrors. If John really cared about Abigail, he would have sued the gold club that is responsible for the pool they bought and maintaining it in a safe manner. Why didn’t he? Is it because he belonged to that golf club? Could it be he knew there was bigger money to be had from the manufacturer than a little golf club in comparison? Maybe both?

    I think its evident Matt, that you didn’t read the entire post and I think it’s evident where the negligence lay, and it wasn’t with the fine people that made the pool. This does not make JOhn Edwards a hero by any stretch.

  6. Can you provide more information on this?

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