Kiddie pool Attacks 6 Year old

How safe is it to leave a child unsupervised? For most of us, it’s pretty bad judgment and almost always ends in regretful parents. How safe is your child even when you are supervising? If you don’t think about the things that are out of your control, then you would say pretty darn safe. However, this article is about that monster lurking in the shadows called “negligence.”

As Mr and Mrs Taylor felt there couldn’t be anything wrong with letting their 6 year old daughter Abigail, swim in the kiddie pool just feet away from them, who would have thought her life was being changed forever as the Minneapolis Golf Club’s Kiddie Pool silently and effectively attacks Abigail. Here is the story as told by the 11Alive(NBC) News (Atlanta, Ga):

Abigail Taylor is what doctors call a medical miracle.

The six-year-old is sitting up, talking and fully aware that she nearly died last Friday in a horrific pool accident at the Minneapolis Golf Club’s Kiddie Pool.

Abigail sat on the drain at the bottom of the pool and doctors say her bottom created suction on the drain.Abigail Taylor Swimming

They say the strength of the suction from the drain pulled part of her small intestines out.

Her mom says Abbey somehow pulled herself off the drain and out of the pool before collapsing into the deep end of the regular pool.

“It’s a medical miracle that she survived,” Abigail’s father Scott Taylor said.

The little girl was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Doctors operated for several hours before addressing the family.

“I immediately fell to me knees, my initial reaction was she hadn’t survived,” Taylor said.

But Abigail did survive, though her life will never be the same.

“She’ll basically be on an I.V. That’s how she’ll receive all of her nutrition based on the fact that her small intestines are gone. She can’t process food,” Taylor said.

Taylor is talking to reporters to make sure other parents and pool owners are aware of the dangers lurking at the bottom of pools.

Taylor’s lawyer says a missing drain cover may be what caused this incomprehensible accident.

The manager of the Minneapolis Golf Club says he wasn’t aware of any problems with the pool.

“Whatever happens from this point forward, the fact that she’s still with us is amazing. I don’t know any other way to say that,” Taylor concluded.

Abbey will remain in the hospital for at least a couple of weeks.

I had to comment on this story, and out of all the lawsuits that are frivolous, this one would be far from it. I hope the Taylors sue the Country Club into bankruptcy thereby preventing their negligence from ever harming a child again. Here was my comment to the story:

Scott –Pittsburgh, PA

This is the kind of negligence that someone needs to be accountable for. There are tons of questions as to “how” something this horrible could happen.

1. How much suction (force) does this kiddie pool require to circulate old water out and new water in?
2. Is there a “safety” limit especially for kiddie pools?
3. Why was there “not” a suction prevention guard over the existing drain lid?
4. Are the pumps pressures monitored?
5. How Often?
6. Is there a fully trained and certified Pool technician employed on the grounds?

So many ways this could have even avoided. I wonder if the country club has any idea not just how permanent the damage is, but the other complications Abigail will endure for the rest of her life. Does it even cross their minds she will feel hungry in her belly the rest of her life non-stop?

It’s one thing when an accident is caused by being clumsy or misbehaving or tempting danger by doing something wrong. It’s totally a different story when a machine attacks you. What if Abigail decided to go underwater and swim for the first time and the suction at the drain got a hold of her face [or hair]?

This is cut and dry, sue their **** OFF! It’s not even close to an even trade if the club is ordered to pay millions of dollars. It’s a one time payment and they wash their hands, Abigail must endure for the rest of her life.

Added: Aug 15, 2007 –

I came across this blog of a lawyers firm in Maryland “” and to my continued disgust, read the very first line “Calls for better pool safety laws continue in Maryland, in the wake of a serious accident involving 6-year-old Abigail Taylor from Minnesota.”

It never ceases to amaze me how many lawyers and firms will go after the pool manufacturers when the fault is of the owner/operator of the “equipment”, which happens to be responsible for maintaining the equipment properly. Pool manufacturers sell their product with ALL the parts necessary to be called a “complete” pool system. Accessories are even offered for sale to “enhance” the pool design and function. It is NEVER the pool companies fault for the buyers negligence in use or maintenance of the product. Pools are sold with pool drain covers. Pools are sold with “enhanced” pool drain covers. Accessories are sold (Safety guard for pool drains) that fit over the top of the existing pool drain cover. The pool at the Minnesota Country Club where Abigail’s life changed forever, had an “improperly maintained pool drain cover, and NO safety guard over the drain cover EVEN THOUGH the products are available. If I sell you a widget, there is no way I can “force” you to use it and maintain it properly. If you decide not to take care of my widget, then it is no ones fault but your own if it hurts you, “due to your negligence.”


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