Forcing the “Gasoline” Issue

In conjunction with our rage over gas prices, we all have to do our part to force the price of gasoline down. The true solution to lower gas prices is to force the issue, by literally changing the supply and demand ratio. Less demand for a product forces the price down.

Since Congress (being the opposite of progress) offers no solutions, no help and are completely worthless in doing the bidding of the people, then it’s up to us, “We The People” to take matters into our own hands. Doing so will result in a healthier Earth and a healthier (pun intended)”US”/U.S.

Among our many choices of alternative fuels, non-fuel energy and alternative sources of energy is good old human power. We can choose to purchase all electric cars or hybrid cars, we can choose solar water heaters or tankless water heaters, we can choose…

…Reel Mowers – the old-fashioned push mowers of your grandparents’ day. Many people cringe at the thought of reel mowers, sure it will make lawn mowing harder than it has to be. The truth is, mowing with a reel mower is much easier than mowing with a heavy, gas powered mower. Modern reel mowers are lighter than their ancestors (usually around 17 to 20 pounds). They are also much gentler on the grass than powered lawn mowers. Reel mowers are the best choice for the environment and the budget conscious, with the only possible exception being a goat.

Reel mowers require minimal maintenance. When new, the blades often stay sharp for the first year or two (some as long as 10 years) and then can be sharpened once a year after that. Reel mowers are also the quietest way to mow and provide a nice, easy aerobic work out in the process. When was the last time you could talk on your cell phone and mow your grass at the same time? If you had a steep slant to your yard, would you be riding a lawnmower on it or trying to use a gas powered push mower on it? Did it feel dangerous? Hard to manage? You would be amazed how nicely a reel mower will cut some of the steepest yards with ease.

A drawback to reel lawn mowers is that they do not mow tall weeds. If you keep on top of your lawn mowing and can get to it each week, before tall grass and weeds shoot up, this won’t be a problem. But, if you are an infrequent mower, then a reel mower is probably not for you.

If you are considering a reel lawn mower, consider Scotts Classic reel lawn mower. Scott's Classic Reel MowerThis mower comes with its own sharpening kit and a grass catcher. Also the price range of this mower will fit just about any budget. I found the prices for this one 20″ reel mower to be anywhere from $120.00 with tax and shipping included to $156.92 shipping included, but tax not included.  Click here ( sells the lowest) for the  price comparisons.

If you would like a little beefier priced reel mower with a sturdierBrill Luxus 38 look and feel, take a look at the Clean Air Gardening center’s choice, the Brill Luxus 38, where you will find a lot of great “healthy Earth” products and ideas as well.

What a great fun way to a healthier Earth and a healthier US!


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