“Swim” as part of driving directions?

Sometimes you just have to “swim it” if you really want to get there bad enough.

As many people have discovered, Google™ maps (or Earth) are great ways to find your way to anywhere. I am a huge fan of Google™ and all of their applications and gadgets, so I find myself playing with and learning all the cool stuff they have. I have always had a lot of fun studying maps and while I was playing around one day, I decided I wanted to know if there were driving directions from one country to another.

I live in Pittsburgh now, and while plugging in various destinations around the country from Pittsburgh, I thought “hmm, I wonder how I would get to London, England”? So I plugged it into Google™Earth and discovered something funny.

When the driving directions got me to the coastline of America, I found itGoogle Earth of Long Wharf in Boston interesting that the port of choice was Long Wharf in Boston (probably because I started in Pittsburgh). When I got there, the driving directions actually said “Swim Across the Atlantic”, (click image to enlarge) to which I had to laugh. You have to admit the humor in this is appropriate since, who besides me, would want driving directions across the big water anyway? The joke was on me, and boy it was good.

Now that I had a good laugh, I wondered, where it took me once I had made this Guinness World Record swim across the Atlantic Ocean. So off I went, around the globe to find my port of entry,Google Swim 2 (France entry) (click image to enlarge) and sure enough, there it was. In France!?!? Seems to me that France is getting a bit of tourist traffic out of the deal, but it’s all good as I was able to find my way into England quite easily. After all, after a swim like that, my arms would be tired and I would take just about any port of entry to Europe. Talk about raisin skin.



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