I am soooooooo pissed off at what e-mail has become today.

Back in the beginning (and yes I was there first hand) e-mail was a great way to send a letter to a friend or family or even a business associate instead of using a stamp and snail mail that took days in transit. It saved a tree, it saved stamps, and you didn’t have to taste that terrible glue from licking a stamp or the envelope.

The words “I love you” or “I miss you”, the terms of endearment, and even just a letter getting you up to date on whats happening back home, got to us in “an instant” instead of 3 days. Letting friends know the party was on, what day and time it was, or that it had been bumped up a day or two or moved to another location. Maybe it was a letter to a sweetheart stating you had just won the lottery and were on your way to her with a “VERY IMPORTANT” question, and a wink [that looked like this back then 😉 ]

No longer do those days exist.

In the last year, I have gotten several notices to upgrade some software I purchased over the years, a TON of junk mail from advertisers and spammers, a few technical updates that I subscribe to, and some e-cards on one of the 6 national holidays.

I can stand all of the above mentioned to a surprisingly decent degree, but what I can NOT stand, is the amount of mundane, repeated, dull, unoriginal, urban legend, hoax emails, chain mails, proof of friendship or proof of love or proof of Christianity and all the other kinds of emails that come in the form of “FWD:…” or “FWD:FWD:…” or “FWD:FWD:FWD:…” infinitum.

The really sad thing is, if I got ONE email from someone I knew that was in the form of a letter, or that person were speaking directly to me, asking how I was, what I have been up to, etc, in the past year…I would never have made this post. The very act of someone speaking to me directly in an email would make ALL of the above stated rant, go away in a flash of an “instant” and would have preempted my writing this post at all.

No one talks to anyone in email anymore. It is literally trillions and trillions of bytes of useless data clogging the internet and chewing up bandwidth and is getting worse on a galactic scale.

This is where the phrase truly applies…”STOP THE INSANITY!!!”


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