Just the beginning

Everything has a beginning and an end. This is the beginning of a new blog by me.

My Name is Scott, others call me Rocket. you can address me any way you wish.

I hope what you read here is worthy of sending to your friends. This is an interactive blog and I strongly encourage comments. Don’t protect my feelings, or try and be tactful. I have no tact and I understand blunt honesty. Just be you and express yourself any way you wish.

Dragons Breath If my personality could be described as anything, it would best be done by calling it “dragon’s Breath”. I make no excuses for myself. I am who I am for a reason. Do not mistake this description as all-encompassing. As with anyone else, there are many sides to me and many emotional states. I am not without compassion, it just trails behind me quite a distance.

We are the architects of our own destiny.

Temet Nosce


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