What are you prepared to do??

I often wonder what people today are thinking, when the left/democratic peoples continue to campaign for the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc, and thus halting pursuit of eliminating terrorists. Do they not remember Vietnam and what happened when the U.S. pulled out of that war? Eventually the north took over the south with a death toll reaching 2.3 million military and civilians when all was said and done.

Remember now, that was a war fought overseas that stayed overseas. The problem is significantly different in the war in the Arab east. If we pull out now, the war wont stay over there. It has already come to us with the initial bombing in the World Trade Center parking deck in the early 90’s, then again on Sept. 11th, 2001. Also the war has come to the U.K. and Australia where successful bombings occurred, while many other terrorist bombing attempts had been thwarted (most recently the 10 civilian airlines leaving the U.K. with terrorists on board).

We have a choice, keep the war in the Arab east until the terrorist threat is eliminated, OR pull out now and wait for terrorism to come to us. It has already, and we pushed it back. It will come again if we back down now. Terrorists want America to fall. They want ALL world powers to fall. They want Islam and the Muslim religion to rule the world. There is no doubt about this. Iran is just biding its time, producing nuclear weaponry and even testing those weapons delivery systems. The Middle East needs to be stabilized.

How many people are actually thinking about the result of pulling out of the Middle East and the effects it would have in a prime environment of a destabilized, terrorist controlled, Arab Nations? Do we think it will just stay there or go away if we leave and look the other way? Not hardly. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination. If the Democrats had their way, we would tuck tail, come home, and WAIT for it to come to us…AGAIN…and then fight on our own soil.

What are you prepared to do??


5 responses to “What are you prepared to do??

  1. I’m prepared to give you a comment! Blog Splasher!!!!!!

  2. Hola faretaste

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  4. I have been reading here for a while now and thought it would only be fair to register and contribute instead of being a silent reader. So – I am looking forward to be a full part of the community!

    Take care!


  5. Thank you for your comment ProGas. We look forward to your contributions 🙂

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