Conan…Bad form

Good one Conan! NOT!
If last nights Emmy’s spot with Conan O’Brien and his spoof on air travel crashes wasn’t bad timing in and of itself because of the ComAir crash that happened at just about the same time, it certainly shows a total lack of compassion and creativity on Conan’s and his producers part. Is there nothing else in the world that’s funny or humorous enough that personal tragedy and currently a wide spread tragic situation has to be the cornerstone of Conan’s reputation?

Talk about lack of compassion. Yes, it might have been funny. SO might a spoof on the World Trade Center tragedy…NOT! I’m sorry, but with the number of people that use air travel, and the number of air travel accidents, and terrorists using air travel as a primary target, it was no more funny than doing a spoof on car crashes, or children dying of cancer, or people drowning in hurricane floods.

Conan…Bad form, Bad professionalism, Bad humor, Rock bottom creativity, and overall HUGE mistake! The coincidence of the ComAir crash just drives the point home Conan, think about it.


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