Syndey "Blooming Idiot" Blumenthal exposes himself as a Spy for foreign Governments

Sydney Blumenthal – The True Anti-Patriot
Sydney “Blooming Idiot” Blumenthal, the former assistant and senior adviser to President Clinton, exposes himself as a Spy for foreign Governments by selling sensitive and confidential information to!

…in his true liberal democratic form, Blumenthal commits treason and sedition in his latest insurgent act recently by selling an article (he wrote) to exposing National Security Agency plans during a time of war. Blumenthal, using an “un-named” source close to Vice President Dick Cheney’s national security staff and Elliott Abrams, spies on confidential conversations concerning National Security and exposes said conversations to foreign governments by publicizing them in online and other forms of communication.

Actions such as this, resembling that of the main stream media’s acts of crime during war, exposing our troop movements, strengths and capabilities, locations and losses [giving aid to foreign governments as to their effectiveness and damage to our front lines] SHOULD bring formal charges. However, that is yet to be seen as no formal charges have been filed, as yet.

For the complete text of Blumenthal’s actions exposing NSA plans, see his article at

This is the VERY kind of Anti-Patriotic acts from idiots like Blumenthal, that undermine our own government for nothing more than selfish, hate driven attempts to oust our President from office. I don’t care WHO our President is, or if I like him or not, or whether I agree with him or not, our national security comes first. “United we stand, divided we fall”. And division, “from within”, is EXACTLY what Blumenthal is trying to accomplish by acting as spy and foreign adviser to enemy states and governments.


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