It’s not new…

Well, it was time to take a step back to basics. One of my earlier blogs at is just too much for the senses. So today I am breaking new ground in the past of clean and basic.

I am not sure yet whether this will be a continuation of, or separate from the original Daily Rocket. We will just have to see how and where this goes.

It’s amazing all the different chat programs and chat environments that are out these days. I’m a veteran geek from days of old when CyberBabble, Powwow, Freetell, iPhone, and yes, ICQ were in their infancy and among the only few ways to chat outside of telnetting into a BBS, and now I enjoy the chats in a 3D virtual world. and just to name a few of todays chat technology.

MSN chat, yahoo chat…and many others of the 2d level of text chat has become a thing of the past.

If you would like to link back to some previous topics (including gaming and chat) topics at the other site, just visit The Daily Rocket at the address I gave at the beginning of this post.

I may revisit a few of them here in the near future as well.



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